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what the stalkers did to me, 2nd hopsitalization. february 27,2016

Many have heard this term before and many frauds have even claimed to be victims of this type of terrorism. The problem is, those that claim to be victims ARE in fact the stalkers themselves. It is a well known tactic to claim that your target is a cointelpro operative, which if effective, results in the minimization and ostracization of the chosen target.

If the target is persistent, like myself and my naivety, they will resort to slander, false reports to as many agencies as they can come up with and even gang stalking.

I am going to share with you my story of cyber stalking and gang stalking that has followed me for over a decade. I also have an entire playlist on youtube documenting it as it happened.

When I first started out in this online world and in activism, I had no idea that things like this existed. I also had no idea that people actually get paid with our tax dollars to terrorize innocents in this manner so I was not even close to being prepared for these levels of malevolence.

Back in 2006, I was made aware of girls being trafficked into McGonigle Canyon in Rancho Penasquitos in San Diego. There was a well known migrant encampment that housed between 300 and 2000 migrant workers at any given time that worked mostly for the nearby tomato farms that were sold at Whole Foods and other high end chains. DR Horton and Pardee Homes were aware of the situation and had allowed it to continue on their property. Within these farms, I personally witnessed fecal matter, urine and many other unclean practices being used in the growing of these tomatoes.

There were also several shantytowns built where filth, fires and fornication were abundant. I also found a grave, bones and a church that was built on site. My stalker, slanderers claim these events never happened, they were just pure delusions in my mind….What do they have to gain by telling you that these girls were NOT being trafficked???

See for yourself:

I plan on revisiting this topic in the very near future, but for now I Want to focus on the aftermath of these events.

After the local and federal law enforcement and politicians made it clear they had no intention of halting the sex trafficking rings where girls 13 years and younger were brought every Wednesday and Saturday to this particular location, I decided to go in and see if I could “save” the girls.

Obviously this was not well thought out, but I did admit how naive I was back then…however I had no choice. I saw the girls, I Saw the inaction of the cops, I had already interviewed the men admitting this truth, so in my mind I had no choice but to run down there. This was December 2, 2006. You can see those videos here:

The end result of that day was I saved no one…the girls ran towards the johns and the next thing I knew I was a racist, child abusing terrorist that had to have her house raided with all computers, media and cameras stolen by the same police who refused to act…and of course these new facts about me had to be shared to every single activist group in the country and had be posted all over main stream media as this dangerous person who hates mexicans so that’s why we had to bust her.

Not only was it the same lying politicians and law enforcement promoting these claims, ALL those around me that I thought were friends and associates, activists, etc, also had to tow that same line, or be at risk of ending up ostracized like me.

Everywhere I went I was now harassed, whisper campaigns were started no matter what city I went to about how I’m a dangerous racist child abuser who must be stopped before I hurt you….

What do you think? Do these children sound like they are being abused???

The crazy thing is, that good, well meaning people actually fell for it and jumped on the kill Christie bandwagon….coast to coast.

I was able to escape San Diego in a wheelchair after realizing this was only going to get worse. I had literally every agency I’ve ever heard of at my door every other day with a new false report from child protective services, fbi, even animal control… I had to learn to document my every move just to stay out of jail with these hundreds of false claims!

Here is an old show broadcast in the first week of January 2008 by Jim Stachowiak on Freedom Fighter Radio of some of the things I had to run from due to the harassment of the Minutemen, led by Jeff Schwilk. Let this be known, in the audios you will hear here, this was the very beginning of the slander campaign against me. Notice how he sounds all calm and apologetic to me, then 3 hours later a complete maniac acting like I did something to him and I needed to be locked up. Well, his plan eventually worked and that was the end of me having a mother and I was disowned. She died after 10 years of no contact due to the actions of Jeff Schwilk. This was the beginning of the end of my children.

In March of 2019, Jeff Schwilk actually had to balls to ask me to remove content associated with his attacks on me even though he has never made amends for what he did to my once happy family.

In 2008 I ended up in Branson, Missouri, thinking that a small bible belt town should be safe for a single disabled mother trying to escape the crimes on the border and heal herself.

Healing myself, I did…which only made me a bigger target as I went on to heal others from things like pancreatic cancer, gangrene and other so called incurable illnesses. I was still in radio with cointelpro operatives infiltrating my network, which was American Freedom Radio at the time.

Some of these operatives would try to take me away from my show and healing by dangling carrots or playing the “you’re my twin flame” card.

None of these attempts worked so they had to get sneaky again.

This entire time from 2006, stories of the fictional me circulated at a rate that really was hard to understand. I had no idea who was my real friend or who was just pretending so they could try to find something to use against me. Problem is, where there isn’t anything, they will make it up! And they did…

After multiple calls by strangers I’ve never met, my children were taken away without investigation or warrant. I was live on the air with Dr Betty Martini and half way into it, ended up with cops who walked past 3 doors on my property to throw me around while my children ran and begged for help….no one had any idea what they were there for and they weren’t about to tell me. My children ran to my neighbors for help, so they also ended up having to be arrested. They came up with charges 24 hours later after being locked in confinement. You can read more about that here:

Chris Geo was on the forefront of my slander campaign at the time. He tried to lure me away with promises of sex, drugs, travel and stardom. He even told me he could get me my children back…which really made no sense since he never got back his twin flames child who was taken years before. He publicly, viciously and violently dumped her to go after me in his best cointelpro game to date. And while it is VERY WELL DOCUMENTED I SAID NO TO ALL OF HIS ADVANCES SINCE DAY 1, He rewrote the story to go along with all of his slanderous videos about me claiming that I was a fatal attraction going after him!!! For example:

Let it be stated. I will take a lie detector test or anything to prove who’s telling the truth here. Obviously geo is really good at telling on himself by rewriting the stories over and over…and now here he wants you to believe that we had sex??? lol hmmmmmmm…..the original chats don’t lie and were only posted AFTER geo posted his slander campaign against me. You can see an example here:

Besides, there is not one person in history who could ever say that my chats are written in perfect grammar and spelling…BIG MISTAKE GEO…lol Everyone knew you lied and that’s why you tried to erase this slander piece against me. Even after slandering me NON STOP for all those years, he decided to file this FAKE LAWSUIT the judge threw out. And obviously they had no case, according to all the evidence of what really happened.

Obviously after 13 years there is a lot to this story that cannot be said in one blog, but I guarantee you, I have the evidence. Those of you who took part in erasing me, slandering me, censoring me and entrapping me in order to keep me from speaking the truth are not immune from the expose that is to come now that I have all my hard drives back.

You went through extreme efforts to keep me down, but I went through extreme lengths to survive what you did to me. And I am here. Why? I believe to ensure that you are not able to hurt anyone else in this manner. Who knows this game more than I do? Who has survived these types of gang stalking games and lived to tell about it?

I have and now it is time for the story to be told in it’s entirety.

So why was I unable to tell the truth sooner?

First off, Chris Geo went on a rampage not only slandering me with a bunch of hitpieces I will attach in this blog, but also by having me erased everywhere with FAKE trademark and copyright complaints on MY WORK!

He had me erased on all social media, including my old youtube where I actually made a few dollars…He also did the same to anyone who still had the backbone to tell the truth about his games.

He tried pitting all of us onetime friends against each other, which eventually worked and had us all slandered on multiple platforms….his own sites, blogs, facebook, youtube, music videos and radio shows…………..but it didn’t stop there. The Geo had to steal all of my life!!! They then bought the domains in my old name that was left behind 10 years before due to trauma and, which he used to slander myself and anyone who stuck up for me or who knew the truth of what they did to me.

After my dear friend died, someone got my old Soul Journeys domain and directed it to porn so that all my real work would even be erased on

I am going to post some images of the site so you can see how damaging this really was to me for so many years.

You can still see that this did actually exist on for 100% proof that these are not made up. Anyone who knows me knows I have zero computer skills, which is another reason they were so easily able to erase me. See for yourself here:

And this is a link to a partial phone call that geo posted on the slander blog as he was trying to get Russ to go against me due to a FAKE report claiming that I was going to or did testify against him. This never happened and was never agreed to by me or Russ.

There are a ton more but I just wanted to share with you an example of what these people did to me and why I was never able to have my own site in my own name.

Can you imagine trying to come back to life and feed yourself and being chased out of town or not being able to be hired or get help or a place to live due to LIES on the internet by people intentionally trying to erase you??? It was not easy and there are a few playlists on my youtube channel that document that part of the journey… Gang Stalking, Pimp My Tent, Homeless Radio, Girl In Tent, Homeless in Seattle and my Personal trauma Healing Journey.

I also want to share with you a radio show that was broadcast on Oracle Broadcasting where they pretended to have no personal experience with me, but just stumbled across this information and were just doing the movement a favor by exposing this person who is sooooo dangerous.

Let it be stated, I don’t think there is one actual truth in this broadcast and I have zero experience with most of the people he is trying to connect me to. Typical cointelpro tactics

You can download the show for yourself here:

I want to remind you this whole time I had only spoken about it ONCE on a radio show (you can view the original post here) and the only video I ever did was where all I did was read HIS fake lawsuit he used to harass myself and several others and their fathers and grandmothers and then my channel was erased with ZERO explanation or response from youtube.

Speaking of videos, why don’t you check this out? These videos were posted on several locations such as truthfrequency radio site, tfr news site, multiple youtube accounts and also sent out to his email list and other radio platforms like gcn, oracle and polygraph radio.

Here’s one video they made claiming that I hacked into their skype account and posted fake chats to slander them…..but let me ask you, who actually knows how to hack a skype account? lol

Yes, I have the real chats still, as do others where were there, that I will share with anyone who wants to see.

you can see it on their front page here:

And here are 5 more videos posted on multiple locations in an effort to slander me, scare people away from me and ultimately to destroy my radio show, my mental health and my life in general.

and you can see them advertised on the front page here with other slander posts about me.

This not only was posted everywhere, but sent to all my facebook, youtube, linkedin and twitter contacts, as well as sent to guests of my show and their publishers and producers. I have many emails with screen shots throughout the years from various sources proving this.

This continued until they had me erased and replaced with slander in February 2014. This was the end of me. There was not a place I could turn, a friend I could visit without someone contacting them and warning them to get me out of their house because of what they read about me online, thanks to Chris Geo.

I wasn’t even in radio, fighting for my life with a few mysterious illnesses going on, one that would leave me in the hospital for 10 days with my memory erased, unable to talk or walk, than again another 8 days. Both of these times, I was chased by multiple law enforcement agencies…for my own good, of course. Because who doesn’t love trauma???

The slander continued….due to the slander, no one would allow me to rent from them and no one would hire me. The job I had before this refused to pay me then had me chased out of town due to the same slander. I would also get hired for jobs, then they would google my name and when I showed up for work, they decided they had no work for me.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, my friend DIED because I couldn’t get to him to help him as he requested due to the slander that geo wrote to be posted on this blog.

Here are a couple images where you can see the text from my friend when he found out she wouldn’t let him come with me…even though she refused to feed him many nights until he died.

text from arrow about sharna and the slander blog about me.
zoom in on the text. the slander blog written by Chris Geo and posted by Louie Bee as to why I can’t take care of my dying friend.

I ended up on the streets with NO INCOME trying to heal myself and still everywhere I went I was chased away, again, due the the same slander blogs, videos and shows…from Branson, to Florida, to California, to Washington…

By the time I could walk again, I started working minimum wage jobs and within a couple weeks, the same thing would happen. I even got kicked out of a house I paid for in advance because she was worried about her family and the slander. These same people even called both my jobs and tried to have me fired! At this point, I was living in my storage unit because my van broke down and it took me 2 months of work to fix it. I had to flea after they sent cops after me claiming I was rolled over in a ditch.

The slander continued and since all my REAL work was erased and all my sites down, the only thing people saw about me when they googled my name was guess what? drumroll………………………SLANDER! For pages!!!

In this video I explain what’s going on and show you their new slander site disseminating the exact same words and stories they made in many other places, only continued to add to it, with direct links to their truthfrequency radio site.

Anyone with half a brain can clearly see where all the slander has come from and to date, when you google my name, the slander pieces still come up.


No matter where I go, who I’m with, there is someone warning them to stay away from me. I will save the rest of the evidence for the courts, but I wanted to put up an outline as to WHY in all these years, I was unable to have my own site, They still continue to post their slander on my facebook pages and personal page to this day and continue to send messages to people on facebook pretending to be a hurt friend I just somehow screwed over and they must warn them.

They have thrown so many claims out there all these years that it’s obvious they are talking about themselves. They have accused me of trafficking my own children, cocaine, heroin and other drugs I have never touched in my life and would be willing to submit a hair strand test to the courts to prove…..would you submit a hair strand test, geo???

What is your real name, by the way? Wasn’t it you that claimed I changed my name to deceive people? hmmmm…Castillo? Gainer? Vodack? Dill? Who are you people anyway and who do you work for?

If I changed my name to hide something, why did you change your name so many times??? And, being that you love reposting blogs about what a child abuser I am because my children were taken away…what about your twin flame? Why don’t you point out her abuse and why her child was taken away long before mine!!! Could it be that SHE is in fact guilty of the crimes you try to pin on me???

About my name change…it was done long before geo ever appeared on the scene. While he has pretended that I came on the scene out of nowhere to infiltrate him, I was the one in radio since 2007. He didn’t show up on the network until 2010.

How is it that you can talk shit about Alex Jones, then end up on his network? Or talk shit about David Icke, and end up doing shows with him over and over all these years, and even slandered his wife on a show you were trying to group us together as “honeypots” there only to stop you? What about your previous claims of black magic being bad, yet you hold meditations where you have groups of people send out black magic to others like myself….? What about Zack? Why did you erase all the shows where you talked about him and any show I was in? You claimed the Joe Rogan show was yours and his best show ever, yet you erased that too? Why???

What about your prank call to your mother while she was dying of cancer…yet you try to slander me and my friends because of your claims that we make prank calls? What about your call to Phil Jayhan that you then blamed on me and Louie Bee?

Not that I should be defending Louie Bee since he was working with the geos for several years during this operation to KILL ME. This link here PROVES IT!!!

Geo claimed he was being stalked all these years by me…a homeless disabled girl struggling to work a minimum wage job to survive, while he had me chased intentionally around the country and set up in multiple places I have yet to disclose in public!!! How was I stalking you? How did I victimize you like you claim in all your blogs? Did I stalk you from my tent? Was it from the hospitals or my storage unit or van while I was living in the forest? I haven’t even had internet since December 2013….how was I cyberstalking you???

All I did was say no to your sexual advances in 2010. Sexual harassment. Period. I said no to wanting to leave the network with you and I said no to your marriage proposal and offer to move to Spain with Chris Everard. Big deal. Does infinite love not include woman saying no to you?

It is time for the truth to be told the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Some of us have it all documented and others just have words and lies they can’t back up but have amazing abilities to ensure anyone in the online world comes across this slander to this day…

Just know, every time I come across another lie, another truth will be posted.

Had you never purposefully lied about me in an effort to cover your tracks, no one would have had to be shown the truth. Tit for tat. You can continue this game for as long as you want, but you will NOT silence me and for every lie you tell, another truth comes up.

I will continue to post links in this blog so one can easily find the FULL story and piece it together for themselves.

This is my explanation as to why I never had my own domain.

Gang stalking and cointelpro are REAL! They are conducted by the familiar faces you choose to trust. I can show you a dozen websites and names I started that were erased due to #geogate and all the flying monkeys they were able to mind control to do their dirty work.

This video was from 2017 proving that this slander has followed me ever since!

There is a reason they wanted me silent and dead.

Just think about it, if anything they said about me was true, why would they corner me if I’m some special black ops navy intelligence officer or cia agent??? lol That’s not very smart…

Were they trying to build my business by calling me a prostitute and drug dealer??? If I really was as crazy and mentally unstable as they claim, why would they push me? Who in their right mind would chase a violent mentally ill woman?

And let’s say all their claims are true? What is the purpose in making up new lies to post and have me followed all these years???

Makes no sense…especially if anything they say about themselves are true.

Infinite love is not just a phrase used to deceive, it’s actual living consciousness and compassion. You promote to not hurt or hate on pedophiles, yet you promote the removal, torture, censorship and locking up of me? Me???

You’ve written more articles, blog and videos on ME than you have the Rockefellers…..I must be pretty important.

Do share. Because I will not stop. You kept me off line all these years….now it is time for some truth.

Thank you to the real seekers who have taken the time to look in to the WHOLE truth here. And kudos to those of you who have apologized to me for falling for this. It takes a big person to admit they were wrong…

And thank you to all those who did not help, because it showed me who you are.

There are less than 1 handful of honest people in alternative media these days. I intend on joining them soon.

You might have slowed me down for several years, but I am back and I am stronger than ever.

And do me a favor…if you know someone who is talking about gang stalking, please do not minimize them and their story. These activities KILL people! I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS SUICIDAL THROUGH MOST OF THIS!!!

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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  1. Your inner fortitude is astounding. Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes in your battle to restore your good name.

  2. I hardly know what to say. I did not know about this stalking well I guess this story refreshed my mind. I know you told me some of this, things I know nothing about and no idea how to help you. Pretty much left me high and dry. I wish you all the best and God Bless you and yours with His sweetest blessings even if I do not know what that is. Any time I think I begin to have a handle on the conspiracy there is a whole other area I knew nothing about. I wondered how to find you or find out what was happening for all these years, ergo I just had to walk away.

    • Thank you! I made it somehow. And now you know why we weren’t friends anymore on facebook. I didn’t remove anyone. I was removed. Over and over again. Thank you for not forgetting about me. 🙂

  3. Wow! That is amazing how much detail you were able to add! And it’s unbelievable you were able to preserve all this while you were being tortured while tossed around the country! I salute you girl! I don’t think there is anyone that could have made it through this alone like you did! And we all know there is no way that “they” would have ever made it out of their own traps. I think it’s funny to see them complain about censorship and cry victim to the people they dedicated so much time to hurt like they did to you and still hoping one day the people will be able to see them for the demon sell out degenerate druggies that they are!

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