Most people use their five sensory perceptions, smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch, but they don’t use their intuition. Your intuition is your sixth sense and spirit uses it as a means to communicate and to offer guidance. Tragedy can be prevented when you listen to your gut feelings. 

You can move away from your life purpose when you don’t listen. Life can be tough enough without any guidance and by ignoring promptings you can feel frustrated, stressed and eventually fall ill to disease, mentally or physically. By following your intuition you will feel much happier. It doesn’t matter what other people may say about you and your spiritual journey because your soul evolution is not about them. Instead of feeling down when you feel judged and ridiculed you could see this negativity as a confirmation that you are on the right path. At this very moment all is as it’s supposed to be even hardship and difficult people and situations that surround you. Experiences are never wasted but much grieve and pain is self-inflicted because of the refusal to accept spiritual guidance. Your spiritual guides understand what you are going through because you all share the same consciousness and soul essence. The connection with soul essence is also activating the sixth sense. 

Native American tribes and other ancient civilizations were aware of spiritual guidance and knew how to use and listen to their intuition. Our sixth sensory perception was once just as normal as the other five. Fear became a tool to enslave humanity, and we are breaking free from this bondage by awakening to and embracing our spiritual nature. When you follow your spiritual guidance it will ask you to let go of egoic wanting and needing. This letting go can feel frightening to some of you and fear will keep you in the old physical mindset. 

You are conditioned from the moment that you are born and this can prevent messages from spirit to come through. Distractions are also a reason why you won’t hear, feel, or understand the spiritual guidance offered. When you are detached from your authentic self it becomes difficult to connect with the soul essence. For generations children learned to ignore their spiritual nature causing them to feel lost and out of place in this world. This cycle repeats itself until the advanced soul of the family wakes up and breaks down the social conditioning. They are often called the black sheep because they follow their own unique path. 

The world may appear chaotic and filled with turmoil. This chaos will help the collective consciousness to shift to the next level of perception which is that of the soul. As a collective, humanity has made the shift into the soul perspective, and we are making a difference on a global scale. 

When enough people wake up and use their multi-sensory perception the global consciousness will shift from the dark ages into the light and a new earth is created. Intentions based in fear attract darkness and negativity. It doesn’t have to be like this. You can break free from karma by shifting your intentions from fear to love.

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  1. Wonderfully and succinctly worded. ❀ The truth does set you free. It is worth the effort. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’“

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