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The Ego, Shadow work

December 4, 2019 HeartsHaveWings 1

In many spiritual communities you hear people talk about how our physical world is changing by the incoming waves of energy. Do you experience and feel that as well? Most of you read about it and resonate with this information, but not everyone receives specific knowledge about the influences of energy on our planet and humanity. Keep in mind that when a medium still has much inner work to do the information they receive is often incomplete because of ego’s interference. Very likely the ego is rooted in a belief structure influenced by some expression of fear. Know your source of information and who you listen to.

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Evil, The Elite, Ascension

December 3, 2019 HeartsHaveWings 1

We are one and no one is above or below someone else. However, governments infiltrated every layer of society in an attempt to control mankind and deplete the riches of the land. People are starting to see through these concepts and are growing increasingly aware of the elite and what they are doing to our society. Many of you are receiving messages from spirit that tell us that the elite will fall. It’s hard to prove inner truths, but they can’t be denied to the one receiving the knowledge. You undeniably know it in your inner being when you resonate with truth. With the creation of your spirit a seed was planted which is called the soul consciousness. No one can tell you or prevent you from tapping into your inner knowing. It is in you and it will always be there. The path to inner wisdom is discovered when you raise in frequency and vibration making it possible for you to hear the wisdom logos.


November 22, 2019 HeartsHaveWings 3

Most people use their five sensory perceptions, smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch, but they don’t use their intuition. Your intuition is your sixth sense and spirit uses it as a means to communicate and to offer guidance. Tragedy can be prevented when you listen to your gut feelings.  You can move away from your […]

The Golden Era of Peace and Love

September 12, 2019 HeartsHaveWings 1

The Golden Era of peace and love The earth’s surface changes all the time by natural and cosmic events. Spiritually these changes also have a transformative effect on humanity. Fear and chaos divide those who are trying to hold on to the old ways and those who are ready to embrace the new. Galactic friends […]