Your Friends HATE You!

Yes, you read that right. I know it sounds extreme, but think about these things for a moment.

  • Are your friends supporting your greater growth?
  • Are they encouraging you to follow your heart?
  • Do they help you move or when you are sick or injured?
  • Do they support your business, websites, etc?Are they there for you when you are having a rough time? Bonus points for not having to ask!
  • Are your friends supporting your health and assisting you in shying away from negative addictions?
  • Do they acknowledge you with smiles and open arms or are you an afterthought?
  • Do they never have time for you?
  • Can they tell you how they feel if they have a concern, or boundary to make?
  • Have they ever told you one thing, yet done another?

Here’s the deal, people ALWAYS have time and MONEY for what’s important to them. ALWAYS. That means, that if your buddies are still too busy to call you back, text you to check in, return emails, etc, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! If they aren’t cheering you along in whatever endeavor you are pursuing, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! People who care about your well being don’t have to be reminded of their role as your friend. It’s something that comes naturally to and from people who care about each other. When strangers treat you better than your friends, it might be time to Lose the losers.

That is not to suggest your friends are losers, but not everyone is for your greater growth and we all don’t stay on the same path for eternity….hopefully! 🙂 If you have someone in your life that is NOT supporting your greatest growth then they are not your friends…they are just haters in sheeps clothing.

Here’s a video from 2021 when I Was doing stuff on Mystical Illuminations. I hope you enjoy and I really hope this gets you taking inventory on who deserves to be in your life! After all, you cannot, will not live the life of your dreams when you are playing nice with vampires, trying to hold on to the old days and allowing people in your space that do not deserve it. REAL friends will be your biggest cheerleaders and will be there for you every step up the ladder and every fall.

Pay attention to how you feel when you reach out to these people. Or how you feel when they don’t reach out to you…or how they don’t congratulate you for a job well done, a graduation, job promotion, etc…LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. It will never lie. You know all you need to know already and you know they aren’t your friends or you wouldn’t be here reading this! 🙂

Be your own best friend and give yourself what your friends should be giving you…, an ear, comfort, a warm bath, hot meal, etc…whatever it is you would do for your friends, family or loved ones, DO IT FOR YOU! Practice giving yourself the self care you know you deserve and would do for others but have neglected in yourself because you are too busy running around trying to be there for everyone who’s never there for you! 🙂 Real self love takes a minute to get comfortable with as we are not accustomed to taking care of ourselves in this society of learned dependence. But after a while you will be trained in what real friends look like. Is this loving? Is this for my highest good? If not, it’s got to go…whatever it is…….After all, aren’t you worth it? If you aren’t here to live YOUR path, then who’s path are you here to live?

As for me, I will expect people, things, situations to match my energy and effort or they will be left behind….after all, if we are holding on to less than what we think we deserve, we are actually telling the Universe, God, etc that we are OKAY with accepting less! And if you are okay with accepting less, then how can you expect more to flow to you………….? Yes, self care sometimes requires we do the things we don’t want to do, like walking away…..yet it could be the most liberating beneficial thing you’ve ever done for yourself. Be a good friend….to yourself, FIRST. Then you will know how your friends should be treating you and act accordingly! 🙂

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