January 2020 Updates

Hey friends, just wanted to give a little update on a few things here. It appears my move might be happening in the next 2 or 3 weeks! Can you believe it? Me in MY OWN HOME?!?!?!?! Pretty insane thinking about how I left my home over 6 years ago to head off on a 30 day Soul Journey. lol yeah, I’m still laughing at that!!! 🙂 After 4 years of homelessness and even more years of being abused, trashed, stalked, poisoned, set up, slandered, misunderstood and left for dead you just kind of start to accept the suffering and forget the dreamy possibilities of owning your own home again in the future. This will actually be my first house that’s actually MINE ALL MINE!!! And I can look back and pat myself on the back knowing that I deserve it after all those trials, being able to walk away from the traps and lures of those who tried to own me. I made the hard choices to PROVE I believed in my own heart and dreams and soul path!

No signatures on the other side, YET…but………they are doing what they need to do to be able to sign off, so I’m expecting it to go through and trying to prepare by having as much as I can packed before closing. That being said, I think rather than start full time now on the show this month as I expected, I will just do a few test shows between now and then just to get my feet wet, learn the broadcasting software and lay out the syllabus for the new year and my return to full time radio. 🙂

If you have any questions or topic suggestions, please feel free. And don’t forget, I am still answering Coffee with Christie questions. 🙂

As for My True Essence and my magical healing products, I am finally getting that site rebuilt! While all products on the website are available, I will not have labels till the next week or two, so I haven’t really been promoting it yet. I am expecting My True Essence 2.0 to be fully functional also in the same time frame as my new home. By the way, here’s an interview in 2015 where I discussed my future return and what would have to happen to make it a reality. I kept my word and here I am. 🙂

It’s been a long rough “30 day soul journey,” but I am so thankful “they” had to spend their lives trying to scheme ways to kill me and bury me for my brilliance….while it all only backfired and made me stronger, wiser and unbeatable. 🙂 (They couldn’t do with an entire army what I can do alone, even while homeless and disabled with no income, and I have to admit that tickles me. 😉 LMAO )

I am grateful to be starting this year with all my dreams put back together, on target, with the ability to live my dreams in a new home that is mine…which is a far stretch from what I learned to accept in my homelessness. I am grateful to know who’s who and to be starting this new life with those who have proven to be real by their actions, not just their words. I still have lot’s of projects in the fire and am still keeping open eyes and ears about solid people to collaborate with on finishing these up. Honestly, most I have reached out to don’t actually follow through…so I will NOT be reaching out to anyone I already have. If you flaked on me, be sure to know that I heard you say, “I don’t care about you, your time or your plans and I would never include you in mine, so fuck off.” 🙂 Obviously not all missed appointments may not be that harsh….but that’s what my body is hearing at this point in time. And if that’s not what you meant to say, then feel free to contact me and show the same interest in me I showed in helping and including you.

This year I will work harder on caring less about people who don’t care about me and stop spreading myself so thin with everyone elses problems. I have fallen back a few times and let my emotions guide me in some very expensive lessons….The truth is, no one put their life on hold to help me. Ever! In fact hardly anyone even thought to help me in my dark time that was coordinated by dark spirits inhabiting human-like bodies, despite how I was always there for them, including while I was homeless. I won’t understand that attitude for the life of me, but I’m tired of beating a dead horse. I have a team…a network of actual real people and that’s who I will share my life with. Those that want to be part of that will make the effort. Those that don’t will have excuses. No problem. I will not let it hold me back. I have a mission. I have dreams. I know who I am despite the fact that MOST do not know who they are or what they want…or aren’t even willing to make the sacrifice it needs to make their dreams a reality. I have worked hard and have the track record to prove my consistency in building my dreams and staying TRUE TO MY HEART, no matter how many vampires have been sent my way to ATTEMPT to stop me. You notice I sound the same in my shows 13 years ago…with the SAME mission, same vision, same philosophies as I do today? that’s why I don’t have to go around deleting my old shows like other hosts do. lol Besides, they did that for me when they filed FAKE copyright and trademark claims on MY Work in effort to censor and silence me. I have been consistent and was the one with the truths they wanted buried. Why? Because they fear the truth being out there because someone might recognize them for living the lie…because they are incapable of living truth. And that’s why I am working on uploading as many old shows as I can since it would be a shame to keep all that valuable information hidden due to the actions of some wanabe rockstars in the so called alternative radio movement.
They did a good job fooling the clones, but I look at it as comedy….an entire army of PAID stalkers and they still couldn’t outsmart me and stop me. hahaahahaha I have to admit, I also love thinking about how they try to justify the fact that they are no match for me and never have been and have to look over their shoulders wondering when the karmic hammer they built will drop upon them. Imagine living your last decade being scared of the person you thought you killed who is back in the flesh haunting you and every move you make due to your own FEAR OF GETTING CAUGHT and watching your tower fall, rightfully so. 🙂 Trying to replicate me after slandering me and killing me, does not mean you ARE me. You aren’t even capable of healing yourself, yet you think you are going to save the world, by doing more drugs and going into another dimension to push a button for us?!?!?!? hahahahhaha I feel sorry for people who’s sole happiness depends on the pain and suffering of someone else. Unfortunately for them, all they tried to hurt me with ended up only helping me. 🙂

Hilarious how many blind sheep actually entertain these egotistic delusions by vampire agents, but it bothers me not because I know that this is MY school….these demons are just actors working towards MY benefit. They have no choice because they aren’t even human at all. But again I will always thank these black magic entities for showing me that I had the power all along.

I also can’t thank enough the real people that were there and did not take the bait and lures to turn their backs on me, join in on the set ups, gaslighting, stalking and slander. Nothing can take away the wisdom I’ve gained due to others force against me. Thankfully I know judo pretty well and alchemized all that force against me to propel me to soar higher than I ever thought possible. Thank you again!

I look forward to revealing all my projects this year and getting back to sharing REAL TRUTHS about your power to overcome anything. REAL healers heal themselves. REAL people choose Nature over men in white coats and badges. I love that we are finally here in the year of 2020 vision where the separation is clear. It is always your choice what path you choose….but you can look at those that never strayed vs those who sold out…and who do you want to be? Who looks like the picture of health vs the picture of decay??? You can’t hide who you are from those who aren’t medicated. I am here for the very few humans who can still think for themselves and who actually apply themselves to creating a better world. I will NOT stop at my mission of spreading the word that YOU DO HAVE THE POWER AND I AM LIVING PROOF! All you have to do is ALWAYS CHOOSE RIGHT! Which means, plain and simple…follow your heart, and make your actions match your words.

The show will be Mon- Thurs 7 -9 PM Pacific Time. You can listen live and chat here. Upcoming shows will be posted here. And archives will be posted here. 🙂

Blessings and Love to you all! See you soon! 🙂

Christie Aphrodite

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  1. This is the best news I’ve had all year and I KNOW it will only get better! You are more deserving of your heart’s desires than anyone I know, because you worked your arse off for it! I’m ecstatic for you, Christie 🙂 I’m looking forward to it all!!!

    • Dude, you are so awesome! I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and encouraging me all these years. I remember you appeared sometime after I was already made useless, trying to find my way back…You have been so supportive along the way. I will forever be grateful. I honestly believe if it wasn’t for the kindness of people like you along the way, I’m not sure I would be here today. I should have died. But you gave me hope. Thank you.

  2. I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU. You are living proof that GOOD DOES PREVAIL OVER ALL. I hope to be the next living proof of this. You are DEFINITELY a hero, and my inspiration. I said this before, but it is worth saying again… THANK YOU GOD FOR CHRISTIE APHRODITE!!!!

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