Where Am I?

I made this post on fakebook and figured I should share it here since it most accurately depicts where I AM at today.

Not that anyone ever reads this site….and as a result I don’t think I will be renewing for another year…….but for those who do care, here it is. 🙂

And if you are one of the few who actually DO want me to maintain an online presence, feel free to hit the donate button, or save your fruitless words. 🙂 Thank you!

From https://www.facebook.com/ChristieAphrodite

I don’t know who I AM, where I AM, where I’m going or what I’m doing… only that I’m not the same as I was last year…..I know there will be BIG changes in my life….yet I don’t know exactly what’s next, only what I won’t be doing, feeling or going again.

I surrender to the vulnerability of living my TRUTH at all times, without concern for what other may think. While most of us stay trapped in cycles we only TALK about getting out of, I do not. I end cycles that don’t feel good or have proven to not be in my best interest while moving forward with what’s real….even when I don’t know what, where it is or how to get there. I know that by staying in what I know is not healthy, I will not ever be shown the door to that which is whole.

As a result, I have come in contact with my REAL Tribe, REAL people, Beautiful people I AM Blessed to know and call my friends and family. I no longer open the door for just anyone. Social media is NOT important to me and you will be seeing less and less of me here…….I AM creating a REAL Social life in person, not pretending online with strangers, bots and the NSA. I have given out my email and number many times. I am the only Christie Aphrodite. I am sure that anyone who wants to find me can….and will.

All are welcome to remember what life was life before computers, cell phones, social media….you know….where we used to talk to one another, help one another, and know REAL LOVE, by working through things as they come up which resulted in REALationships.

I will not tolerate anything less than REAL LOVE….Authenticity, Accountability, Action and Respect…from anyone or anything. No, I’m not asking you to be me………..I’m inviting you to be YOU….in your FULLEST! Without shame or inhibition………….without caving to the pressure of societies so called norms that have held you back from even being capable of seeing who you really are, proven to cause dis-ease, suffering, suppression, war, etc…!!! I have never been in or been interested in a popularity contest, or trying to get likes. I want REAL. Nothing less will do.I will not accept anyone in my life who is still holding on to old patterns, trying to make them liveable….no, I’m out creating NEW paths that are and have always been sustainable. No one will hold me back from my vision and no one or nothing should hold you back from yours!!!

If you are interested in creating a better future and are done with the old proven anti social, anti-community methods, I AM here, but I will NOT be going backwards….not in space, not in mind, not in conversation……..I may have had the roughest month and year in my life, but you don’t hear me complaining……….why? Because I know the power of my WORD. Why keep repeating the same old worn out programmed conversations of how powerless you think you are? Not to mention, no one cares. Fact. Actions show what and who’s real, not empty (s)words….. And I don’t feel like creating more broken crap or shitting on anyone else with my suppressed emotions. 🙂 Healing is my number 1 priority and should be yours too….after all, if you’re not here to heal yourself and follow YOUR heart, who’s are you here to follow? If you won’t heal yourself, who will? Clearly not that “God” that sends you to doctors and their proven deadly drugs! Real God is REAL Healing, LOVE and PEACE.

I’m not interested in finding a million more distractions from my Purpose, which is LOVE, I am only interested in Creating and Living the LOVE that is our birthright. I don’t care about yesterdays spilled milk, don’t care about your politics, religions, sports, celebrities or any of that nonsense. Not interested in coddling your fears and insecurities……I am motivated by those strong enough to get it and go forth, those willing to get real…………………and find a better way for tomorrow.You are welcome to join me in this endeavor we call life, while building a better tomorrow, but it will be safe to say, I won’t be joining anyone in those old places of pity, misery, fakery, WARship of idols, etc.

I have taken on a project that no one ever has done before. Not only that, I took it on alone and accomplished all this in 2.5 years……………………while I watched everyone sit on their assess talking about, complaining about and dreaming about the same things they’ve been talking about for years, decades and more…..with NO movement forward…If you’re not moving forward, we are not on the same path and I will not be stopping along my way, or slowing down for anyone to catch up. Either you can meet me where I’m at, or good luck paving your own hopefully beautiful path.

I KNOW who I AM, I KNOW my worth, even when those who can’t see don’t. Even when you erase my work, erase me from the archive and hide the truth. I know I was banned long before it was cool because I was on the mark long ago…My value is not based on anyone’s opinion, but engraved in my soul…each step I take is a reflection of who I AM. I look forward to bringing in the new………..without attachments to what it is…………………and without distractions and fear of what is not. Fear is a thing I once knew………………very well……..I loved and held on to it for dear life, till I realEYEzed we are all sooooooooo much more powerful than we pretend…..learning it was my DUTY to chip away and find what’s been hidden in plain sight all along… I will not stop cracking away at all my dreams, including tackling old traumas, while releasing mine and alls GREATEST fear………………….LOVE. We all know it’s the most powerful force, which is why everyone avoids it. I am no longer plagued by death. I LIVE. LOVE and Grow………………………………….My life in prison term has ended.

Welcome aboard this growth train. Nothing can stop us. I most likely will be ending all public appearances and removing my websites, with the exception of My True Essence………….I can no longer justify paying for 10 sites anymore that no one cares about. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others heal for free for way too long. Yet people ONLY value what they pay for…I am done with charity. MUTUAL RESPECT REQUIRED. This is NOT a pity party. If you haven’t heard me by now it’s because you can’t, or won’t. And I don’t care. I AM my responsibility, no one else is.

On pondering my social media future, I was told, Christie, people PAY to hear you speak, while others talk over you, or talk about something else while you are talking………………….hmmmmmmmmmm……….so who do you think I will be saving my energy, voice, time and experience for this year….? 🙂 I owe this to myself. You owe it to yourself. Share ONLY in places where there is equal exchange!

No dis-ease can live where purpose is a priority!I wish you all the very best and thank you for being here on my journey in whatever form you are or have been. Wishing you the fortitude to go forth and bring alive your purpose for being here on this planet. Ozarks Church of Nature and Magical Food Forest is moving forward with all our plans! Look for the free school to begin more formally this year. If you would like to be involved in some way, please contact me at OzarksChurchofNature@gmail.com

Happy New Year or whatever… <3

We all know I don’t write, edit or even care what come out my fingertips…..so I hope this succinctly states where I AM at, my boundaries and what I’m willing or not willing to do in the future.

I sincerely hope you all find yourself, your greatness, your purpose and stat making yourselves and your dreams your priority. IF you are not living the life you desire, I hope you have the ability to clearly assess why not and find the motivation and confidence to change it. Never do anything that does not feel great…..in your soul…………….if it’s not nourishing you, let it be.

Feel free to share any of the things you’ve decided to leave behind in 2022 and what you are creating in your life! I want to hear your dreams and what you are doing to accomplish them, not your egoic irrational fears.

Now go forth and live! 🙂 It’s been a pleasure being here and connecting with you over the years!

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  1. It’s good that you can get off of social media and leave it behind as most people cannot. Despite the fact that you left this message in January and I’m just now responding to it, I hope you are doing well. I sent you a message to your email asking if you would be interested in some more PDF downloadable books.

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