Christie Aphrodite, PhD is a Holistic Health and Life Coach, a Photographer, Creator Of My True Essence, Project Love Your Neighbor, Soul Journeys, TruthBrigade and Homeless Radio, Free the Boobies, Phro-Zen Moments, Wombanity Awakens and is a Self Taught AromaTherapist, Herbalist, Natural Healer who speaks on the often overlooked ancient principals of Health, discuss the Intelligent Healing Power of Mother Nature and Her many modalities, as well as shares her inspirational stories of overcoming “incurable diseases” within herself and many others.

Christie spent time homeless after a brain infection left her unable to talk and walk without an income. This, she credits as her most valuable learning time. #phrodiedhere was her hashtag during this struggle and became a way for people to follow the journey.

Christie motivates others to break through their barriers that are holding them back whether physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and proves that ANYONE can heal ANYTHING if they truly desire to do so, while specializing in making it easy for others to not only understand, but to implement lasting healthful changes in their daily routine to achieve success beyond their dreams!

A note about the art on this site. With the exception of the photos of guests or their work, or images of body parts or scientific research, all photos and graphics on this site are copyright of Christie Aphrodite. To see more of her photos please visit Phro-Zen Moments on Facebook.