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Thursday, May 1, 2008

This post was prompted by someone someone contacting me with a recent diagnosis of cancer.

This particular person has a brain tumor, so I advised them to get rid of their cell phone and cordless home phones:

“People who use cell phones for lengthy periods of time every day are 50 percent more likely to develop benign or malignant tumors…”

If Mobile Phones Were a Type of Food, They Simply Would Not be Licensed – a comprehensive, detailed and well referenced article on cell phone dangers featuring 2 reports from The Lancet, a prestigious British medical journal.

“All modern (DECT) digital cordless phones emit the same type of pulsed microwave radiation (about 1.8 GHz) as ordinary (GSM) mobile phones.”

Many people live their lives with no awareness that they’re creating or defeating disease each time they pick up a fork, then they go to the doctor after manifesting illness due to a lifetime of harmful habits expecting him to “fix” them.

One decision I have made as someone who is proactive about health is to no longer have a cell phone. In other words, many people wait until they have a brain tumor before they act, but that radiation is already affecting their health, so they might want to consider a different approach.

I’ve also seen people with brain tumors who continued using wireless devices. You’ll have to decide which category you want to be in.

I understand there are people who need cell phones for work, in fact I was one of them, but you should know that your actions may have a terrible consequence.


* Please note that nearly all headsets cause radiation to travel up the wire and enter the brain at an even higher concentration!

Most people think wearing a headset protects them, but the radiation hits a larger area of your brain when the phone is held up to your ear, so the vast majority of headsets are simply causing it all to fry one small part of your head – not a good idea.

If you choose to use a cell phone, I advise you to look into a safe headset and ferrite bead or even consider keeping it on speaker a few feet away from you while talking.

Also take a look at this small disc from Global Healing Center that you can stick on your phone to protect you. I had a few of them and I personally tested it too, so I know it works.

At the time it was the only cell phone device claiming to reduce radiation that had been scientifically tested and legally documented to do so. (That’s a clue – don’t believe every product claim!)

I have a number of devices to protect me from radiation and eletromagnetic frequencies from power lines and electronics:

Orgonite – I wear an orgonite pendant and have 3 additional pieces in my home.

Safe Space ll – Clears toxic electromagnetic fields from computers, cars, office areas and homes. Dr. Group runs Global Healing Center and has high standards. I used to buy products at his office when I lived in Eastern Texas. He tests everything before marketing it.

I also got rid of my cordless mouse and 2 wireless headsets. You might think that’s extreme, but I became extremely sensitive and couldn’t tolerate even being near a computer or cell phone while cleansing myself of heavy metals, and that experience made me highly aware of the effects of these devices. Just putting my hand on a cordless mouse made me instantly nauseated.

I used to call myself “Ms. Electronics” because I was, as one friend of mine said when she visited and couldn’t find a free outlet to charge her cell phone, “very pluggy.” I gave up my attachment to most of my electrical devices and I’m now enjoying that.


Below is general cancer info that I sent to the person with a recent diagnosis who just contacted me:

The name of the product I would take if I had cancer is U-Fn. My experience in ordering it from this California vendor has been very good, and I have been in touch with the owner personally.

It is recommend you take 2 capsules daily. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. One bottle costs $95, and there is a discount for ordering 2 or more. This is without shipping costs (free 2-3 day shipping for US orders).

This would mean about $95 each 15 days + shipping. I can tell you I have never seen anything work like the main ingredient in this product. I can’t promise it will do for you what I’ve seen it do for others, but as I mentioned, this is what I would do in your position.

The people who make U-Fn also make Modifilan, something I take which is basically the same thing except less concentrated.

I have been in touch personally with the owner of this company as well. I also read a book about the company and product and have studied their gathering and extraction process intensely, which is something I do before taking or recommending anything. There is much more to buying a health product than most people realize.

I would also like to add that when this blog was written, Christie Aphrodite was in a wheelchair and had healed herself since with my recommendations. Listen to her story from a 2012 interview here.


Here is where you can find scientific information on the main ingredient in this product, which is called fucoidan. There are over 730 studies at the National Library of Medicine showing it is effective for dozens of health conditions (search “fucoidan”).

(A more recent search in 2019 shows there are 1792 published reports.)


Most people, including your doctors, won’t tell you about the cancer industry. I suggest you follow general advice concerning sunshine, avoiding processed foods, daily water intake and avoiding caffeine. If you have any alcohol or caffeine, add an additional 1.5 ounces of water for every ounce of alcoholic or caffeinated beverage.

I’m not asking you to trust me. Because the information I’m sharing with you is suppressed, it means diligence on your part to read it and then decide what to do about your health. Of course, I am here to help in any way I can.

Most people have been conditioned to do what their doctors tell them to do, but it’s not their life, it’s yours. Therefore the decision is yours.

May you have clarity, wisdom and peace of mind in making positive health decisions at this challenging time.

I would also like to add this blog by Christie Aphrodite that addresses some of the scientific evidence that essential oils can also help heal cancer, according to the National Library of Medicine.

– Cancer Sites for further reference

Cancer Tutor

Gerson Therapy

Dr. Lorraine Day

If I had cancer, I would take U-Fn. I would also probably juice lot’s of leafy green vegetables and remove all processed foods and heavy metals. This includes most tap water.

If it’s an urgent situation and you don’t have time to do cancer research, try getting a consult from Ralph Moss, PhD.

I appreciate your support and applaud your efforts in educating yourself about your health.

Remember, no one will ever care more about your health than you!

In Health,

Stephanie Davis

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