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About Leo Bluesy:

Well I learned singing while working in a print shop at the docks early 70s. Id run a machine and sing loud and hey… No one could hear…and that was fine. Eventually I was OK without the machines covering my voice.
As a kid, I longed for a decent guitar to play and got one at around 15. I bought that from Rons Music Store in Ilford, UK and was served by a family friend Nancy. Big day that was…a real guitar…An Eko Ranger 6!   Most of my  early songs were written laying on the living room floor when I could not work due to back problems just for something to do.   I was brought up in the sixties  on the Beatles  Stones Kinks and later… John Denver.
My interests for guitars singing and songwriting has increased over the years and now i am happy to record my own compositions on a multi-track system at home.

Some of my favorite songs by Leo