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When words are more important than action, only darkness occurs...

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Everybody likes to repeat that mantra and believes that if they focus only on love and light, that they will be able to manifest the world of their dreams and deny the reality that’s happening around them.

But if you REALLY want to heal and step into your power and be authentic, then you must realize that there is more to the world than just the silly portrayal of everything being all good in this phrase that I believe is an attempt to gaslight victims of the psychopaths that spread these mantras.

Everything is not all love, and everything is not all light, and much of what we believe to be light is just darkness masquerading. There’s nothing wrong with reciting something like the Lord’s Prayer or any other mantra, but the real power comes from YOU and YOUR HEART, not from repeating someone else’s words.

And if you’re careless with your use of some words, you could even find yourself conjuring something entirely different than what you had initially desired.

I’ve encountered numerous people who use terms like “Infinite Love,” and I know for a fact that they are not practicing what they are preaching on any level. They like to spin you off into la-la land and make you think it’s only about love by saying things like, “If we would all focus on infinite love, then the hungry are going to be fed, and the homeless are going to be housed.” Never do they mention that the time devoted to repeating words could be “effectively” utilized by doing something to SHOW LOVE and BE LIGHT. Repeating phrases has never provided nourishment, or a put a roof over anybody’s head. In fact these phrases are often used to shame and blame the victims of various atrocities.

Let’s face it; no significant change is ever going to happen until we get over our shame of being human and showing real human emotion. Do we kick a dog for standing its ground or that cute little kitty for hissing and clawing when backed into a corner? Of course not. Life is not snips and snails, and puppy dog tails…and repeating words other people gave you isn’t going to provide immunity from the actual realities of the world.

If you REALLY want to get real and heal, then you need to be authentic. You’re going to have to feel, experience and embrace the full spectrum of human emotion. Once you get over the shame of your humanness and start experiencing feelings that you have judged as being abnormal or uncomfortable, that’s when the magic will begin to manifest itself.

It’s all about emotions! That’s where the real magic is hiding!

Words are just words and half the time we don’t even know what they mean. If you’re familiar with the term “Etymology,” then you know that it is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time. Think about that. How many times have you looked at what something meant and the root word and discovered how it’d been altered?

Stop trying to “play nice” with those trying to shame you with their spirituality superiority complex! Are they even actually living a life of love and light as they proclaim???

When you can see things for what they are and then spend your time DOING SOMETHING, not just talking, that’s when shit gets accomplished, and that’s when you experience REAL love by BEING the light!

Now go forth and be ALL of your authentic self! Love and Light is only PART of the equation. I personally avoid anyone who refuses to get real with all aspects of humanity as I have learned my lessons well. 🙂

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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