God Bless America 2020

Sorry not sorry, just understand I had to. It’s called performance art, relax. 🙂 But can you deny any word spoke here?

This is a new version of God Bless America as performed by the worst non performer who could have ever done this…ME! 🙂

Truth be told, there was no practice, we got the words and I turned on a live video and “sung” it as terribly as I normally do. HAHA

If you want to watch the full video, go here: The ONE True Savior

ON to the video and the lyrics are posted below…

ALL credit is given to Rusty Moose, a contributing author on this site for the lyrics. Mine really sucked so he had to take over. 😀

“Goodbye America, Land we once owned
Its been hijacked, and taxed and fracked
By the Bureau of Land Management

From the courthouse, to the White House,
To the owners never seen
They own America
It was all a dream.

Wake up America, You’ve been deceived
You’ve been programmed to accept a scam
That’s removed your inherent liberties

Now you distance, without resistance
Because your owners told you to
That mask is killing you
You’re breathing CO2

Grow up America, be an adult
You’ve been lied to and deprived too
Now your country is under assault

Contact tracing, Vaccination
Black lives matter, Martial law
Its clearly evident
You don’t care at all

God Bless America, If we should fall
Its on our head cause we should have said
I won’t support corporate greed anymore

But we bought it and we sought it
Cause we thought it was the way
Turn to god and nature
To keep those wolves at bay

Goodbye America, You’re on life support
So take your pills now, pay your bills now
With your hard earned fiat currency

Its fake money, it’s a ponzi
it’s a debt based currency
Alarm bells are ringing
Hope you’re getting’ ready.


Stay away from hospitals
I’m warning you now
First they’ll slice you
Then they’ll dice you
Then they’ll lead you around like a cow

Then they’ll drug you
As they mug you
For every penny you possess
It’s a corporate entity
Just like all the rest

Psychiatry’s a travesty
You’d be better off dead
They’ll diagnose you
And overdose you
Though they’ve not heard a word that you’ve said

They’ll commit you
Then they’ll hit you
As they fuck you left and right
We’ve proven you’re crazy
Why put up a fight?

Stay away from the TSA
Though you need that flight
First they’ll grope you
As they hope you
Like their fingers inside of your butt

They’ll radiate you
And berate you
If you stand up for your rights
Sodomy’s their hobby
Don’t be so uptight

Hollywood celebrities
Can kiss my ass
They pretend to
Have the CoVid flu
To convince you to put on a mask

They work for Intel
Cause they must sell
All the lies that you’ve been told
They don’t give two shits about
Your health or soul

Fuck politicians
We should all agree
That they’re puppets
For the psychos
Who are guiding this sick society

I think that they know
That we know
That they’re pedos
Through and through
But they do it anyways
What you gonna do?

Child protective services
Is an Oxy moron
They don’t protect
Any children
Their main mission is to serve the pervs

Pervs need children
To fuck and kill them
And extract their adrenochrome
To look young forever
They’ll destroy your home”

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