What AM I Doing?

Well, it’s been a while. lol Haven’t made a post here since 2020 and here we are in 2022, after pondering for 2 years…what’s the point?

After almost 20 years online, I am a ghost. Being deleted over and over again since 2005 doesn’t help and I’m tired of hoping it will be better this time. 🙂

I’ve been questioning is all this even worth it? Many of you know I was crucified long ago for speaking truth ahead of it’s time and while more people SEEM to pretend to be interested in what I have to offer, the reality is that I’ve been talking into a vacuum and my own so called friend won’t even support what I do or share any of my work! I ask myself, if they haven’t listened the past 17 years of social media, 2500 videos, over a dozen different sites, groups, projects, pages, free school, a decade in radio, etc what could I possible have to say that I haven’t already said? And if they didn’t listen the past 17 years, why would they listen now?

The truth is they won’t and don’t. So I’m wondering, what AM I doing here? Many people have found a way to make a living off of speaking. That’s great, I respect that. But that’s never been my motivator and it’s never paid the bills, not even the internet connection! Truth is, very few actually want to be part of creating a better world and living a more sustainable, self empowered life of self responsibility. It’s not popular, I get it.

However, these days, running the Ozarks Church of Nature and Magical Food Forest with several dozen animals and hundreds of plant lives that I maintain myself, and My True Essence with hundreds of products that I grow and produce myself, time is not something I have to just keep repeating myself! Especially into a vacuum. I was recently banned from Twatter and they won’t let me back in unless I admit I’m a bad girl, even though they accused me of something not even close to being true! I posted a minute and a half long video of the air in my yard. Other accounts that posted it were only banned for 24 hours, then told they made a mistake and were unbanned. They won’t let me move forward without removing my appeal and agreeing with their decision that I posted “someone elses private intimate property without consent.” I’m not gonna play that game. My path is very clear that I have not been willing to compromise with criminals. I credit my success in living the life of my dreams for NOT giving in despite the consequences. I don’t like having dozens of pages removed and my work erased all the time……so that begs the question again…what am I doing here? Why am I doing this?

So here’s the deal. I’ve decided rather than waste time with fake friends and people who don’t acknowledge your existence if you’re not on fakebook and twatter, talking to a wall, I will be posting whatever I would have said there on THIS blog. I mean why not? I’m paying for it! The whole point of this was to have information that was not able to be erased at the whim of some corporate oligarchy and their psychopathic handlers!

I have also decided I will be taking down most of my content on youtube and putting up some of my information behind a paywall here or at patreon or something like that. I’ve finally accepted the lesson that people ONLY VALUE WHAT THEY PAY FOR. I have been freely giving my time to people, most of which only come to complain and don’t even take my PROVEN SOUND advice, yet I have all this information on videos! If you really wanted my information, why not watch videos? What is MY time worth? Why am I expected to stop what I’m doing to play around in internet land answering questions for up to hundreds of people a day without pay and to the detriment of my homestead/food forest? Why would anyone even expect me to repeat myself when I’ve reuploaded the same content dozens of times already? Again, people VALUE what they pay for. And I have value. I chose to give everything away all these years for free, but I can no longer do that…especially when I find that most of the people I give to have the ability to pay…always have money for cigarettes, alcohol, travel, clubbing, concerts, hairdos, eating out and all the things I actually do not have the money for, yet I’ve given you my sweat, labor, blood, tears and hard earned wisdom, and the products I have worked hard to perfect and produce myself since 2008? Silly me, I know. I take full responsibility. In my mind, I thought that people would KNOW and freely give as I had given to them. I was wrong MOST of the time…which I should have learned will in my homelessness…but you can’t blame me for continuing to have hope. 🙂

I will not be charging money because I’m trying to make money, but because words just don’t do it anymore. If you can’t afford a dollar a download, then you really don’t want the information that bad, do you? Besides, I have several session options over at My True Essence where you can give equal exchange for my time for YEARS of RESULTS!

If you have any skills that can contribute to this new venture, I will gladly pay you for your time. There will be a complete overhaul of this entire thing. Plus I know it’s hard to find all my info on those controlled sites since they do bury the information. In fact me searching on youtube for a video I made with my name and the title and it’s still invisible and the only way for me to find it is to go to my main videos and scroll back 6 years to get the link. lol yes, seriously….

Each of these things contribute to why I’m just done with social media. Never mind the fact that even if you think you are talking to me, you may not be! Check out what happened from July 29 to September 6 on my Christie Aphrodite fakebook page!!! What the heck is going on? This does not make me feel safe and who knows who is gonna get scammed in MY NAME, thanks to FAKEBOOK AI. Clearly all the evidence points to it being THEM.

LET IT BE STATED LOUD AND CLEAR HERE. I WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY OR TRY TO PUSH PRODUCTS, CURES, ETC. I will assist you making the best decision for you and your circumstances and NEVER GIVE ADVICE WITHOUT KNOWING ABOUT THE ASKER, health background, medications, herbs, allergies, preexisting conditions, contraindications, etc. So if you are having a conversation with someone appearing to be me at a social media page and I do not ask you these things, IT IS NOT ME!!!

I also want to share that I have been doing a regular Tuesday evening show with Chuck Ochelli from 7-9 PM Central time. There are multiple listening options at his site and if you want to join us live in the chat you can CLICK HERE.

We normally talk Healthy Soul-utions and take your questions about health related topics, wild foraging, sustainable living, gardening, combating depression, anxiety, trauma, headaches, pain and other health ailments, how to make your own everything, healthy cooking and how to stretch your dollar, etc. You can see all his archives here to download, or wait for them to appear on youtube, which I admit I’m a little behind. 🙂

Thank you for your patience here while I figure this out! Don’t forget there are other contributing authors here and if you come across something with missing content, please feel free to let me know. It appears some shows, videos and other things have mysteriously been removed from this site. 🙁

I appreciate you all and am looking forward to finding a better way to be able to teach and share with real seekers and like minds. I’m done trying to reach out to the masses as I consider most of them dangerous anyways. 🙂 I’ve been crucified before, I don’t need to do it again. Leave that for the young whippersnappers. I’m a crone and proud. I earned my curmudgeoness! 🙂

See you around! 🙂


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