How Safe is the Medical System?

Christie Aphrodite in a wheelchair 2007-8

This is from a 2007 or 8 TruthBrigade Radio Show that has been edited and condensed to focus the pertinent information related to the lies we’ve been told by the main stream pharmaceutical programming.

This was back from when I lived in San Diego and was in a wheelchair trying to find my way and learn the truth about why I was sick all the time if I had all the so called best doctors to care for me. The photo above was me at the time of this broadcast and is what fueled me to search for a simpler way of life in Branson, Missouri, where I finally learned how to heal myself through nature, gardening, essential oils, herbs, wild foraging, juicing, proper nutrition and supplements. 🙂

This is just a SMALL list of some of the topics you will hear discussed:

The show is broken up in to 2 parts.

Part 2

In this show we hear from callers that have also had success with alternative health treatments.

I hope that this opens your eyes to the potential dangers of giving all your faith away to doctors and pharmaceuticals. Anyone who has followed me since this time has seen the positive effects of what proper nutrition, as well as avoidance of doctors has done for my health. At the time of this show, I was in a wheelchair and today I am not. The evidence speaks for itself! 🙂

Blessings and Love to you on your healing Journey. I do hope this inspires you to take charge of your health and be the best you possible!

Christie Aphrodite

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