Square Foot Gardening

August 11, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 0

Square Foot Gardening with Mel Bartholomew and Christie Aphrodite on TruthBrigade on American Freedom Radio. Some topics we will discuss are: How can you use 80% less water while producing more food? Why do experts still promote single row gardening? What’s the best combination to make your own soil? What are the best ways to […]

I Dig Fig

September 7, 2022 ChristieAphrodite 1

We all have a story of someone being gifted a fig dessert for the holidays, only to regift it to someone else. lol But I have to ask, did they really know how delicious and beneficial figs are? Or did Grandma just really not know how to make it? I don’t have a good recipe […]

What AM I Doing?

September 7, 2022 ChristieAphrodite 0

Well, it’s been a while. lol Haven’t made a post here since 2020 and here we are in 2022, after pondering for 2 years…what’s the point? After almost 20 years online, I am a ghost. Being deleted over and over again since 2005 doesn’t help and I’m tired of hoping it will be better this […]

Back to My Nature

September 1, 2020 ChristieAphrodite 1

This sure has been a wild ride!!! Many of you started following me back in San Diego while I was pretty “healthy” by societies standards as a single single mother. Then you saw me get put in a wheelchair and chased out of my hometown…only to search for a place to call home to be […]

Nature vs Man Made AntiBiotics

August 15, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 7

Antibiotics have long been credited with saving lives since the discovery of penicillin in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming. Many medical experts credit antibiotics with revolutionizing medicine, ridding infectious disease and extending longevity in the industrialized world. And while some of this might be true, antibiotics don’t come without their very real risks that are […]

How Safe is the Medical System?

August 11, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 3

This is from a 2007 or 8 TruthBrigade Radio Show that has been edited and condensed to focus the pertinent information related to the lies we’ve been told by the main stream pharmaceutical programming. This was back from when I lived in San Diego and was in a wheelchair trying to find my way and […]

How to get rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

July 18, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 1

7/17/2013 How to get rid of fruit flies/gnats over night naturally! I know, it’s that time of year…time to sail and float, time for bbq’s and gardening, campfires and and delicious fruit leaving fruit flies in your kitchen.  Being that they can lay up to 500 eggs per day leaving your kitchen a battlezone, it’s […]

My Magical Garden Secrets

July 17, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 1

6/10/2017 I am often asked why my gardens always grow so beautifully….whether they are greenhouses, raised beds, vertical gardening, square foot and other methods no matter what side of the country I am on. I built this bed with my hay bale tent dome I lived in for the winter in the Port Angeles mountains…and […]

Basic Principles of Healing

July 17, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 3

This video was filmed in 2012 in Branson, Missouri for a #freeschool session. I discuss my health history and how I thought I was born just to be sick and miserable with diagnosis’s such as diabetes insipidous, asthma, cancer, ms, fibromyalgia, strokes, seizures and more leaving me in a wheelchair… then go on to talk […]