Washington FireStorm?

Predict the Future???

Let me take a break from our regularly scheduled programming of self empowerment to bring what I believe this very important topic to light.

When I recorded this video, it was intended for my own personal use and to share with some locals that could not attend. However, the chain of events since has left me no choice to post it here.

I arranged my road trip around this meeting because I felt it would be important to be there. Now I am VERY CLEAR on why I felt I had to be there. In the condensed video I explained I was not even going to put it on youtube…until I was told that videotaping was now banned at the meetings through an email I received after returning home.

My response was very simple…

I thought I would never hear from them again, and honestly I was fine with that because their group only wants to support political “solutions” to the problems created by the same people they are collecting money to beg some more. And frankly, I’m a bit bored of that and honestly perplexed that people still can’t see how that works, but then a few days later, this email came in to me:

Obviously intrigued, I decided to respond and clarify…did she really say what I thought she did? I’m allowed to video tape? Maybe they aren’t so bad after all….perhaps they were the one group out there that really wasn’t controlled opposition and realized the value of getting the information out to a wider audience…? Let’s give them another chance to see who’s who.

As you see, I had to decipher did she mean audio or video as I was not going to drive 2 hours to get an audio of information I already know…

As you can clearly see here in this email exchange, she clarified that I was in fact “allowed” to videotape the meeting and that they were concerned about getting the information out to people who still don’t know about the dangers of glyphosate. It almost felt like a victory for a moment…

The reason I am sharing this is because people need to understand how activist groups actually work. Many believe that there are people fighting for them, but the truth is, they are all designed to siphon your time, money, energy and control the information you are allowed to hear…,while encouraging more violent protest and radical activism, such as the clown brigade who recently visited Port Townsend and was promoted in the Kitsap group. To learn more about these dynamics, listen to this show with Beverly Eakman who breaks down group dynamics in controlled settings…

So, today was the next meeting. My friend and I showed up. He arrived before me as I had to stop for gas. I walked in, set up my camera in the seats he had saved for us and waited for the meeting to begin. Right before it started, I was approached by 2 ladies identifying themselves as Annette and Celia, who is the president of this community organization. Annette is the promoter???

Right as the talk was about to begin at 6:35 PM, I was told that I would not be allowed to videotape this meeting. I asked Annette what changed and reminded her of our conversation. She denied we had this conversation and said the Kitsap Environmental Group will now be taping it, so they have no use for mine, then alluded to my website, even though none of this was ever on my website!!! Till NOW that is! hahahha

They know me enough to know that I am not wanted at their meetings, but they don’t know me enough to know that when someone tells me to do something, that is the quickest way to get me to do the opposite! AND EXPOSE it!

My question is…why would they want ONLY the LOCAL group to hear this information? Why not get it out to a wider audience? They have begged for more exposure in media throughout their group posts, yet when someone appears to do just that, they decide to BAN ME!

I guess the good news is, I got them to start recording these important issues so MAYBE just MAYBE their neighbor might get a chance to hear it, but these are GLOBAL issues that this ENVIRONMENTAL Group doesn’t want you to see!!! Why? Why would they point to my website and why would they not want it exposed on here???

If you’ve listened to Beverly’s show on Agent Provocateurs, Facilitators and Change Agents, you already know the answer to that and I really don’t want to go back over 10 year ago research to explain again, but the fact remains, nothing that goes outside their controlled belief system is acceptable.

All activists groups are there to SWAY YOUR MIND to a certain agenda that is promoted by the machine! So if you choose an issue, you HAVE to fall in line with all the prescribed solutions…right or left, no inbetween. You can’t care about the environment and ask questions at the same time. Do not question the green new deal, or global warming as I have many times in that group, only to be ignored. “Vote for Bernie, vote for AOC, vote green new deal and send us your money for democracy school so we can teach you how to be good little activists, but whatever you do…don’t record this information and help spread it to a wider audience.”

Most readers of this website already know the whole thing is controlled, but I am attempting at sharing this for the few that still can’t see it.

When has politics ever changed anything for YOUR benefit? That’s not their job! Their job is to keep you busy chasing rabbit holes while believing that someone else is doing the work because you begged a tyrannical dictatorship for more laws AGAINST YOU!!!

More money out of YOUR pocket is not going to save the planet! If saving the planet is what all this climate hype is about, the solution is simple! STOP FUNDING CORPORATIONS THAT CAUSE THE DAMAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE! This would include the air force and all military, the pentagon and all their favorite corporations that offer them the most convenient poison…but that would get in the way of your lust for war!!!

Okay, my rant is over…but I am going to do a video about this. LOL I rant better with my words anyways…

This version has only part of the talk, but all of the question and answer portion, since I felt that was the most revealing.

They claimed the meeting was about sharing the “facts,” predicting the future and telling us how to prepare….do you see any preparation talk here??? And how could this guy predict the future anyway? Is he psychic???

Well, I know his response as to why he couldn’t do anything to help was that it is a “new issue” and they have had time to work on that aspect yet, but I found him in a talk here, 2.5 years ago talking about 6.5 million acres burning up.

And some of you might be interested to see what the Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz has planned as our new “fire shelter!” PLASTIC BAGS?!?!?!? Why? Because plastic didn’t burn in Paradise??? Skip to the end of the video, unless you are interested in the rest of the fear mongering about how we were going to burn up last summer.

The bottom line is, we are going to burn, according to Joshua Holofsky, research scientist at the Department of Natural Resources and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Are you alarmed? I am. And I’m even more alarmed to know that there are people pretending to be environmental activists who would not want you to know these things. But I am thankful to know who’s who and be able to see it for what it is and who it’s controlled by.

And…here’s an update: Annette has decided to keep trying to sway public perception by commenting on my public facebook page. I will leave these here for you to decide… I’m not sure she can even remember her own lies, but good try.

HAHAAHHAHA typical tactics. SHAME me and BLAME everyone else for HER lies…lro “miscommunication” as she would like to call it.

The fact remains they WILL NOT SHOW YOU THESE VIDEOS?!?!?!!? WHY??? Yet they were there with a video this time….why??? Who’s gonna see it??? Certainly NOT the same people that Annette was complaining about not knowing this information yet. Certainly NOT the people that would have seen it had the media she begged to appear would have showed up.

Thank you for this refresher course in group manipulation tactics!!!

Bottom Line. Watch the video. Then, if you are in Washington, get some very good fire insurance and don’t be in town August and September of the next couple years.

End of story.

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