A New Van-Tage Point

Isn’t life something? I don’t know if I’ve ever been this grateful and I spend A LOT of time in gratitude…

July 2016 Whidbey Island

Today was a big day. As I get closer to preparing for this move, it’s getting even more real! This once impossible world of stability, home ownership, rebuilding my business is just a few more steps away! I got to give my van away today, the #magicalhoopty 2.0. It was a lifesaver for me and I am so happy to know that it’s going to Bless someone else!

For those who don’t know, I was gifted the first #magicalhoopty from some beautiful angels in Minnesota in 2015 before I made my trek west on my Soul Journey. I regret I lost contact with them after my Florida hospitalization, yet here I am with the same joy they had blessing me…………full circle. Funny thing is, I didn’t know I was going to live in the van at the time, but thankfully it was ready to do so comfortably! 🙂

#magicalhoopty 2.0 Code Name Sage August 2017

As time passes you can see things more clearly. I’ve got my 2020 vision back and I can’t help but share my testimony. I know what its like to feel there’s no way out. I know what it’s like to penny pinch and make sacrifices, do without and do more for myself due to lack of money. What I really don’t know so well is what it’s like to know that everything is okay, that I’m gonna make it no matter what and that I am safe and secure and it really isn’t crazy to follow my heart!!! I hesitate to share certain things because it’s hard to express my gratefulness without sounding like I’m bragging at all that’s transpired for me the past few years. For a girl who was left for dead not too long ago with no help, support network or safety cushion with outside forces trying to make me stronger, although as young shaman in training it feels like torture. I share because I want you to know that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! We don’t have to stay beaten. We don’t have to stay slaves to our traumas, programmings or societies expectations! REAL ascension is living without all of that.

This 2020 vision I’ve been gifted today can only be gained through experience and I will continue to share what I can, but I have to accept most just won’t ever understand me and might not like my more tough love approach. And that’s okay. I share what I do in hopes of letting others know they don’t have to suffer needlessly. Suffer….a little, maybe…lol But needlessly??? Like I See all day everyday???

This “edge” I have acquired is due to the heartbreak I feel watching everyone around me die, sending their children off to slaughter and choosing the perceived easy path to fulfill their narcissistic need for immediate gratification…I cannot express how much it hurts to see so many hurting souls who continue to choose the trap, selling their souls to the abyss. You watched me PROVE you can do it. Yet most of you still sit back and continue to make the same wrong choices…wasting your time admiring me as some superhero, when the truth is, I didn’t do anything you can’t do if you applied yourself. No matter what you believe in, there IS right and wrong. And right really isn’t that hard to figure out. All you really need to know in life is who and what you are. What you are doing here and how you can fulfill your soul path. Anything off that track is wrong, and it WILL manifest in disease, heartbreak, stress, anxiety, autoimmune, heart disease, diabetes and hundreds of other ways.

Wrong is following someone elses path. Right is following yours. Wrong is listening to someone else. Right is listening to you, your spirit, heart, higher self or your INNER GOD! Wrong is doing what your told and harboring resentment over you being too scared to stand up for yourself. Right is doing what’s right for you and speaking your mind so that it has no more power over you. Wrong is suppressing your emotions to the point that it manifests in disease, therefore becoming a burden on others. Right is getting right with yourself, your fears, insecurities, doubts….in short, your SHADOW…because once you are right with yourself, you are HEALED!!!

I mentioned in the video that, “Healthy People don’t get Sick!”

Read that again.

As I have shared for so many years, health is way more than the food you eat or don’t eat! REAL HEALING is when you include all aspects of your body, mind and spirit…where you address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual!!! Healthy minds don’t get sick. Period.

So…what is it that you are not at ease with? When you can answer that, you can heal your dis-ease. All you have to do is just BE. Be You! And if you don’t know who you are, why you are here and what makes you happy…make that your FIRST PRIORITY!!! What good are you really to others if you can’t help yourself? It is time to stop the excuses. We are stepping into a portal where there is no coming back from our bad decisions in support of everything we claim we are against.

Right…? You claim you are against war, but you support big pharma, the creators of the biggest war against mankind. You claim you are against slavery, but you go to walmart and by nestle or other brands that support chocolate slavery. You say you are against human trafficking, but you are funding the organizations and politicians who are running that show.

You want to build the life of your dreams? Elevate yourself. By being accountable to yourself ONLY! Stop looking outwards. Go inwards! All the answers you need are within.

I have nothing left to type here as I said all I needed to say in the video….however, I will share a post from facebook below that goes along with what I shared in the video.


on to the facebook post:

I’m starting to realize that the “illuminati” is probably right. I can’t say I blame them for wanting to rid the gene pool of idiots that believe their games in politics, media, drugs, etc and willingly give their power away.

What if they were the judge… God, so to speak… Testing us to see who really is real, who’s human and who’s just a slave follower clone?

Yeah… You know… I just don’t care anymore. Please just go and get your shots. I honestly don’t blame them for trying to kill you anymore. They aren’t actually doing it by the way…. It’s you!!! They tricked you into killing yourself and your neighbors and children…. And if you fall for that, you are already dead.

Go ahead and try to shame me for being done with robots. I promise I won’t interfere with your desire to give your power away, take more brain damaging pills, vaccines and kill your babies. After all, that is your free will choice.

Only the truly strong, real and deserving will be able to withstand this decade.

Yeah its a tough school, but if you don’t believe in yourself, why should they? Why should I?

I’ve already proven that anyone can heal anything…but you’d rather fight me for it… Then run back to the same people that hurt you, begging them to heal you this time… Lol pathetic. Sorry. I can’t coddle your proven wrong beliefs and actions any longer. Kill your soul with all the poison you want…and don’t ever expect me to help you buy poison… Don’t ask me for a dollar for a Soda, your drugs, pills, alcohol or any health related bill. Go to nature. Stop being a sloth!

Take your shots and don’t cry to me anymore about the results of your own fear based actions.

I think the separation has occurred already. You cannot be on the fence any longer. Right or wrong. Those are the only choices.

And you already made yours. By your actions, not your words.


Yeah….whateve’s don’t get mad, get even. Prove me wrong. But the truth is, if you actually did Give Nature a Chance you would enter a New World. A lonely world, as far as humans are concerned…but a world of dreams and magical possibilities, a world of wisdom, strength and healing.

Please consider it. I Want this for everyone. And the truth is you CAN have it if you just make the easy choice, or the hard choice…or the easy choice.

Which is it? Live for you or…..?

Heal or die. There is no other option.

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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