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5/15/2017 Choosing Supplements

So many pills, so little time…

Something came up today that had to do with supplements, so I wanted to share some information that you should keep in mind when choosing a supplement for your health needs.  First, I would like to remind everybody that Hippocrates, the founding father of modern medicine said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Okay?

Many of you are aware that I’m a holistic health coach, but my introduction to the subject of nutrition was as a student of the mainstream education system.  It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered that everything I had learned was a lie and since I was putting these lies into practice in my personal life my health was always abysmal. But then one fateful day I met a nurse who had recently left her job in Main stream medicine after finding out she was killing people who showed me the truth about nutrition and healing. 

Now I’m not going to claim that all supplements are harmful, but I can say with certainty that most are ineffective at best.  And something else that I know for a fact is that some of them are “purposefully” destructive. Many people ask, “Why would somebody sell something that they claim does all these wonderful things when it’s damaging my health?”  One obvious answer to that question would be greed.  Consider how much money you have spent on supplements over the years.  I know that during my high school and college days, I sometimes dropped hundreds of dollars a month, yet I remained sick much of the time.  It had never occurred to me that I could get the nutrition I required by growing my own garden or just walking outside, picking some weeds and making a tea or salad.  Instead, I trusted somebody else to package it up in a fancy little pill.

Before shelling out your hard-earned dollars, I would advise paying attention to WHO is pushing these magic elixirs.  Is it an alternative radio network or some rich person who wrote a book? What is their story? Did they heal themselves? Probably not. Also, take into consideration how these people look and act.  Do they appear to practice what they preach? If not, it probably means that their products do not work (assuming they use them) and they’re making money by lying to you.  I can guarantee that if you’re making healthy meals and juicing and staying away from radiated processed garbage and you do that every day then you’re not going to be sick and will have no need for a supplement.

I once witnessed a situation where people were purposefully selling supplements that are created by the military for “clones and zombies,” so please be aware that there is terrible stuff being peddled out there.  And they actually used those words to describe their plan. Most of these purported health experts on alternative radio sell things with chemicals and then try to justify it by saying, “Oh, it’s just a minuscule amount.”  I even had one of them on my show back in 2013!!! The only supplement that I sold during my radio days was Modifilan Brown Seaweed, and that’s because it worked for me and everybody else I know that has tried it.  Tellingly, the other networks wrote a bunch of slanderous articles about Modifilan and began selling similar but inferior products.  

I think I’ve made my point but let me stress again the importance of getting your supplementation by going outside in the sunshine and by juicing and making healthier food.  Quit eating crap and then complaining about being served poison. If you weren’t buying it, the corporate elite would have no one to sell it to, and these conglomerates would go out of business.  So, let’s show those snake oil salesmen that it’s possible to practice what you preach. The bottom line is that a healthy mind and body doesn’t require supplementation.

I hope this helps you in your search of the perfect supplement.  Thank you for joining me!  🙂

Blessings and Love to you ALL!
Christie Aphrodite

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