The MKUltra Joke: Setting Precedents (Part 5)

I have decided to abandon my planned 66-part “MKUltra Joke” series in favor of a more focused and manageable 9-part examination broken down by presidential administrations as follows:

  1. Eisenhower (1952-1960)
  2. Kennedy/Johnson (1960-1968)
  3. Nixon/Ford (1968-1976)
  4. Carter (1976-1980)
  5. Reagan/Bush (1980-1992)
  6. Clinton (1992-2000)
  7. GW Bush (2000-2008)
  8. Obama (2008-2016)
  9. Trump (2016-?)

The decision to adopt this new format came to me unexpectedly while pondering the term “sitting president” which I have always considered a curious turn of phrase since sitting implies doing nothing, relaxing, or being inactive. Could “sitting president” be a play on “setting precedent”? Merriam-Webster defines precedent as “a person or thing that serves as a model” and “something done or said that may serve as an example or rule to authorize or justify a subsequent act.”

Reverence for the military was at an all-time high following WWII, so installing a career military “hero” like Eisenhower must have been a no-brainer for the controllers. They claimed that Eisenhower came from humble roots, which is absurd, and they pitted him against Adlai Stevenson II, an upper-class prodigy of a prominent political family. “I Like Ike” was all the rage and Eisenhower “won” by a landslide.  

Is it just coincidence then that the MKUltra Program was implemented only one month after Eisenhower’s swearing-in as the perfect military/corporate “sitting president”?  With Eisenhower in office and the rising popularity of television, setting precedents and manipulating public perception became child’s play for the elite ruling class. We’ll take a closer look at the Eisenhower era in the next blog entry, but rest assured that Eisenhower had little to do with it.  During his presidency, he was widely seen by critics as an inactive, uninspiring, golf-playing president.  He is best known today for his farewell speech warning of the dangers of a “military-industrial complex” even though his administration did nothing to combat it during his eight-year tenure.

Presidential inaugurations of yesteryear

On March 22, 1961 (322-Skull and Bones) John F. Kennedy signed a Public Law returning Eisenhower to his five-star rank into that “dangerous” institution that he so bravely warned us about.

At least Eisenhower appeared legitimate, unlike the clown show that passes for politics today.

The fact that anyone still votes may be the biggest MKUltra Joke of all.  If there is one takeaway from my research so far it would be that military/intelligence is the backbone of this corporatocracy that we refer to as the United States of America. 

Until next time, here is a list of U.S. Presidents and their military affiliations:

  • Donald Trump – Attended NY Military Academy from age 12-17
  • George W. Bush – First Lieutenant (National Guard)
  • George H.W. Bush – Lieutenant JG (Naval Reserve)
  • Ronald Reagan – Captain (Army Air Forces)
  • Jimmy Carter – Lieutenant (Navy)
  • Gerald Ford – Lieutenant Commander (Naval Reserve)
  • Richard Nixon – Commander (Naval Reserve)
  • Lyndon B. Johnson – Commander (Naval Reserve)
  • John F. Kennedy – Lieutenant (Naval Reserve)
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower – General (Army)
  • Harry S. Truman – Colonel (Army)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt – All four of FDR’s sons served during WWII
  • Theodore Roosevelt – Colonel (Army)
  • William McKinley – Major (Army)
  • Benjamin Harrison – General (Army)
  • Chester A. Arthur – General (NY Militia)
  • James A. Garfield – General (Army)
  • Rutherford B. Hayes – General (Army)
  • Ulysses S. Grant – General (Army)
  • Andrew Johnson – General (Army)
  • Abraham Lincoln – Captain (Illinois Militia)
  • James Buchanan – Private (Pennsylvania Militia)
  • Franklin Pierce – General (Army)
  • Millard Fillmore – Major (NY Militia)
  • Zachary Taylor – General (Army)
  • James K. Polk – Colonel (Tennessee Militia)
  • John Tyler – Captain (Virginia Militia)
  • William H. Harrison – General (Army)
  • Andrew Jackson – General (Army)
  • James Monroe – Major (Army)
  • James Madison – Colonel (Virginia Militia)
  • Thomas Jefferson – Colonel (Virginia Militia)
  • George Washington – General (Army)
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