The MK Ultra Joke – 1957 (Part 4)

In previous installments of this blog series, I have pointed out military connections related to all aspects of our “control structure” while avoiding the obvious elephant in the room. I mean, how convenient was it that the former “Supreme Commander of NATO” was our “Commander-in-chief” during the rollout phase of the MK Ultra program? And how is it that in post-war America, “I Like Ike” was the mantra, even though Eisenhower allegedly oversaw death camps that were responsible for the gruesome extermination of one million Germans?

On March 10, 1945, Dwight Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, disregarded the Protective Regualtions for prisoners of war by classifying German prisoners captured on German territory as “Disarmed Enemy Forces” (DEFs). The German prisoners were therefore at the mercy of the Allies and were not protected by international law. The Western Allies deliberately murdered approximately 1 million disarmed German POWs by means of starvation, exposure, and illness.

(3/7/1957) The U.S. Congress approves the Eisenhower Doctrine

The practical result of (The Eisenhower Doctrine) was State Department and CIA involvement, by covert means, in the complicated internal politics of the (Middle East) region. Much of this activity, including coups and counter-coups, was inspired, influenced, or even orchestrated by the CIA.

(February 1957) Influenza Pandemic First Identified in Guizhou Province of China

Members of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union receive the flu shot in 1957 

By June 1957 the pandemic reached the United States, where it initially caused few infections.  Some of the first affected were United States Navy personnel at destroyers docked at Newport Naval Station, as well as new military recruits elsewhere… The Public Health Service released the virus cultures to vaccine manufacturers on 12 May 1957, and a vaccine entered trials at Fort Ord on 26 July and Lowry Air Force Base on 29 July.

Microbiologist Maurice Hilleman, who “saw it coming” just so happened to work as chief of the Department of Respiratory Diseases at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research from 1948 to 1957. He was alarmed by pictures of those affected by the virus in Hong Kong, so he obtained samples of the virus from an unnamed United States Navy doctor in Japan. Within months, 40 million doses of the vaccine were made available.

Despite the death of 1 million people worldwide, I was not aware of this pandemic, which is odd considering that my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all alive and kicking in 1957. They lectured me about walking to school in the snow uphill both ways, yet did not consider a pandemic memorable enough to mention. Perhaps they would have been more impacted if in 1957 there were social media platforms to embolden “citizen policing” or a 24-hour news cycle of propaganda to encourage social distancing and muzzling.

(9/9/1957) The Civil Rights Act of 1957 is Enacted

Despite dealing with a worldwide pandemic and domestic racial tensions, citizens in 1957 probably believed that more investment in healthcare and stronger legislation from our politicians would save the day. Imagine their dismay to see our world today.

Although the Act’s passage seemed to indicate a growing federal commitment to the cause of civil rights, the Act restricted itself to protecting participation in federal elections of the president and members of the U.S. congress. (LOL)

(8/28/1957) Senator Strom Thurmond Sets Record for Longest Filibuster Railing Against the Civil Rights Bill

Always a divisive figure regarding race relations, Strom Thurmond also served as president of the Reserve Officers Association and retired from the U.S. Army with the rank of Major General. That “Civil Rights Bill” that he was flapping his gums about had no teeth, and he knew it.

BLOGGER’S NOTE: I am not implying that every notable person with military connections is or was “in on it.” Many “useful idiots” dedicate their time and talents to the military and are thereby compartmentalized and brainwashed into believing they are contributing to national defense. However, the fact that Strom Thurmond retired with the rank of General leads me to think that stoking the fires of the racial divide was his particular military/intelligence assignment. Not that far-fetched when you consider the FBI COINTELPRO program and its support of the KKK.

(1/23/1957) Ku Klux Klan members force African-American truck driver Willie Edwards to jump off a bridge

Centralized FBI operations under COINTELPRO officially began in August 1956 with a program designed to “increase factionalism, cause disruption and win defections” by financing, arming, and controlling groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

George Dorsett – described in FBI documents as a “top-tier informant,” was a fervent white supremacist with a flair for public relations and deception. Dorsett served as a kind of spiritual official, fundraiser, and rouser for the Klan during its most violent years. Dorsett “was one heck of a speaker and could really fire up a crowd,” his FBI handler, Frierson, recalled. David Cunningham, the sociologist, and author, interviewed Dorsett late in life. “What struck me was his retrospective view that the FBI was working for him, which isn’t entirely inaccurate if you consider how he was able to protect his role as the KKK’s most successful fundraiser while on the bureau’s payroll.

(10/1/1957) Swarms of Africanized (or Killer) Bees Escape Quarantine

According to Wikipedia “The Africanized bee is widely feared by the public, a reaction that has been amplified by sensationalist movies and media reports. Stings from Africanized bees kill on average one or two people per year.

5-10-2020 (Fox News) Panic over ‘murder hornets’ leading some people to kill essential bee population, experts warn

(11/7/1957) The Gaither Report Calls for More Missiles and Fallout Shelters

The “Gaither Report” concluded that in the case of a surprise Soviet attack the United States would be unable to defend itself with any degree of success. The report also called for a fifty percent increase in military spending and a redesign of the US Defense Department

(1/20/1957) New York City “Mad Bomber” is Arrested

Terror in the Age of Eisenhower

George Peter Metesky (November 2, 1903 – May 23, 1994), better known as the Mad Bomber, was an American electrician and mechanic who terrorized New York City for 16 years in the 1940s and 1950s with explosives that he planted in theaters, terminals, libraries, and offices. Carl J. Pelleck, a reporter who covered the Police Department for The New York Post, said the Mad Bomber “scared the hell out of people.” “He had the city jumping,” Mr. Pelleck said. “When the Police Department can’t do anything about it, the public always gets scared.” Meteskey planted at least 33 bombs.

Meteskey was allegedly angry about uncompensated injuries that had occurred while employed by Con Edison. His bombs would include notes like “CON EDISON CROOKS – THIS IS FOR YOU.” Upon his release from prison, he stated that before he had begun planting his bombs, he had written: “900 letters to the Mayor, to the Police Commissioner, to the newspapers, and I never even got a penny postcard back.”

And for the obligatory military link, following WWI, Meteskey joined the U.S. Marines, serving as a specialist electrician at the United States Consulate in Shanghai. Another obvious clue conveniently overlooked by the bumbling keystone cops of the NYPD. Or could it have been a psyop to create fear and dependency on authority? Gee, I wonder.

Hindsight being 2020, the more things change the more they stay the same. Except, of course, nuclear annihilation and mad bombers. That was soooo last century.

Take a moment to compare these pics of the “Mad Bomber” and the “Unabomober”. Resemblance appears to be “on the nose”.

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