Opening Minds with Simeon Hein

Simeon Hein

This TruthBrigade Radio show was recorded on February 25, 2009 on American Freedom Radio with Simeon Hein and Christie Aphrodite.

-What is remote viewing and is the ability to master its techniques lying dormant in all of us?
-Do we live in a holographic universe?
-Is the reality that has been designed for us a grand deception and why are our powers of perception so limited?
-Do we have additional brains in our heart and gut?
-How does our current mechanistic worldview alienate us from ourselves?

Dr. Simeon Hein received his Ph. D. in sociology from Washington State University in 1992. His main areas of interest include nonlinear research methods, complexity theory, and technology and society. He first learned remote viewing in 1996 and worked as an instructor at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. He has taught resonant viewing at the Institute for Resonance since 1997. His first book is Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance (Mount Baldy Press Inc., 2002).

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