My Path to Healing – 2012 Interview

Christie Aphrodite in a wheelchair 2007-8

In this 2012 radio guest appearance on Guerilla Radio, Christie Aphrodite opens with a brief overview about how she discovered her passion for holistic healing which is followed by a personal testimonial from Matthew David Hurtado who called in to express his gratitude to Christie for helping him go from barely walking to doing pushups within a matter of weeks.

For the remainder of the broadcast, Christie draws on her personal experience dealing with fear and trauma (That which I have feared has come upon me) and holds court by sublimely refuting and de-legitimizing all protestations thrown her way. Hindsight being 20/20, we can now look back after seven years and confirm that Ms. Aphrodite’s proof is in her pudding of experience. Listening to this show will inspire you to overcome fear, heal physically, grow spiritually, and love yourself and those around you more authentically.

To catch up with some of her current path of healing trauma, check out these playlists:

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