How Activism Killed Me

I MADE IT!!! This is what empowered looks like! :)

This was from a February 2018 Interview on Revolution Radio with LB Bork and Frank Henderlein.

There is actually way more to this show than the title. If you REALLY want to know how things work when it comes to activism issues, and how all sides are working together WITH the police to DECEIVE you, THIS IS THE SHOW! I have been censored over a dozen times talking about these issues…let’s hope on my 11th year anniversary of this drama, the spell has been lifted! 🙂

Welcome to a deeper understanding of my Journey and the TRUTH that all activists need to know if they intend on being effective in their issue.

To learn more about my targeting, check out this article and follow all the links for the FULL story and all I talked about in this show. 🙂

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