My Thoughts on the Fake “Love and Light” Vampiric “It’s all LOVE” Cults

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The concept of loving everyone, “because we are all one” and “it’s all about love” is appealing and alluring as it sounds great in theory, BUT how far do you go to “love” someone…?

Do you let them hurt you repeatedly, or disrespect you, belittle you, betray you, drain you…?

In my practice of learning to love those that have harmed me or others and have taken part in very UNloving experiences, I have found that you don’t need to open your heart to everyone. I tried falling for that and seriously tried to implement it, but that’s one of the new age mamby pamby lies….mostly put out there by those that delight in harming you and others, draining your energies and controlling you.

They tell you that it’s all about LOVE to confuse you, guilt you and shame you in to accepting their extremely UNloving abuse…to guilt you in to their web.

They usually have the pretty shiny faces, even have the “voice of an angel,” masterful at cleverly deceiving you with the “right” words….a pretty flowery world, so they trick you into doubting your own intuition…they capitalize on us NOT trusting our gut because it’s pretty much been beaten out of us in this society.

We are told not to “trust our feelings” or don’t think anything “negative” and then we are left questioning ourselves and going against our gut to “keep the peace” because of what other cult members might thing.

I think they say the “devils greatest trick is to make you think he doesn’t exist?”

That is why the vampires will tell you vampires don’t exist. They will tell you it’s all in your head and that YOU are the problem for feeling these energies, then come out of the woodwork to attack you and put you back in your place…of shame, self doubt, guilt and fear…

What you need to know is……. IT’s okay to say NO!

There is something called BOUNDARIES which is of utmost importance to a healthy relationship with your higher self and your evolution to wholeness and healing. Your higher self knows when you lie to yourself, even if you don’t consciously know. Either way you WILL feel it and you WILL experience the consequences of NOT being entirely genuine to yourself and loving yourself enough to say no.


It is CRUCIAL to understand this if your path choice is REAL spiritual healing…learn to discern and put aside the fears of standing out or people ridiculing you, or making fun of you, ganging up on you, lying about you….that’s what they do.

On a higher level…maybe it’s a test…to see if you are willing to sell out for the easy path…?

You can love people from afar….let them be who they are without interfering or imposing your energies, but that doesn’t mean you need to invite them in to your home or your heart…or your facebook page. LOL

We are not all the same. Ticks suck off of people, bees pollinate whcih provide food for us. Sunflowers grow to 16 feet, while pansys grow to several inches. A pansy will never be a sunflower and vice versa, yet they are both beautiful flowers.  A tick will never be a bee yet they are both necessary and amazingly smart and adaptable insects.

They are all necessary and valid in this divine entanglement called Life, but they are not the same.
Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks are all parasites…they might have a different face, but they will STILL suck the blood out of you.  Don’t be fooled, just because one has wings, or a pretty face, or amazing musical talent or talent for words does not make them healthier or more sincere than the crawlers.

The end result is the same.

Ask yourself, how do you feel?  Does this feel good, light and kind, respectful and uplifting….?  Or does this feel draining and down and dark…?

You have the right to choose what feels best for you.

Play and see, or run and be free!!!

Never forget it’s up to you……..

Blessings and Love,


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  1. Love and light and light workers. I feel like these light workers are actually very shadowy people manipulating the light they never talk about straight to their face. If the light knew it was being manipulated by light workers it would be all the harder to manipulate. Whats up with just being straight laced and saying – hey, I can tune into parts of you which are a bit deep and intimate and the world says its impossible but its true. The time the light works out theres a barbed wire fence of silence all around it, no wonder the happy light in naivity turns into the terrified light in shock at the extent of the liea around … well truman burbank – about the only honest thing on TV for the sick fucks just staring at an innocent man in a prison for entertainment. Light workers should more properly be called shadow workers. What was that song – look at the stars, the way they shine for … whatever bullshit they are being fed from the TV transmissions inside a porverbial glass cage where they cant even see the bars. How to break every one of them free and provide an actual world safe from the predatory behaviours of go getters who see an opportunity – thats the difference between people who pluck flowers and people who water them.

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