Spiritual Awakening, Fear, Practicing Spirituality

Having a spiritually balanced life after you experienced an awakening can be challenging depending on where you live and who is around you at all times. When people frown upon your beliefs it can keep you from reaching your full potential, especially when you are new to the spiritual path. Some people are not spiritual at all. Some people believe what everyone else tells them without challenging this so called truth. Others claim that their religion and spiritual views are righteous and judge whoever doesn’t join these views. We all live in our own reality created by our surroundings which we perceive with a certain awareness. Every one of us has a role to play in the big picture that we call life. At some point you may find yourself at a crossroad having to choose to stay or to go against everything that you were taught.

Fear holds back growth and the judgments of others may instill this fear within you. There are many reasons to keep your thoughts and beliefs to yourself, but by doing so you also keep from moving forward. What others do is their business and by accepting this your experiences in life will change as well. What you put out you are attracted to and this includes people, situations, and things. Everyone and everything that comes into your life is here to teach you so that you can expand your consciousness. To find your authentic self is to become authentic.

Practicing spirituality is a process. You are a gift to this world and meant to shine your light. This will express itself in unique ways which can be as simple as a smile or helping someone to cross the street. When we do these things we give and receive love, light, and energy.

You spiritually grow when you get to know yourself. Find what makes you feel excited because it shows you what you’re passionate about. Start meditating and this can be a simple breathing exercise or a walk in nature. Keep up with your thoughts and adventures by writing them down. It will give you a deeper understanding about where you are on the spiritual path. Do your own research by reading books, and articles. Your intuition will tell you when you need more information so learn to trust it. All of these practices help you to open up and to feel strong and confident about whom you are. The more you are able to let others be as they are, the more you will be able to reach the wisdom that is inside you.

You may find the need to share your insights. A lot of you will be judged, or are ridiculed, and may lose friends when you open up about your awakening. Changing your frequency and vibration means that you will attract a new group of friends that align with the new you. Everyone will experience a spiritual awakening at their own time. So, let go of the people who don’t understand you. Join a group of like-minded people who accept you as you are. This will bring confidence and will stimulate your spiritual growth.

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