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Healthy Children aren't medicated! They get outside to play and eat healthful meals!

April 2, 2017

Todays Coffee with Christie question was “How do I get my Children to Eat Healthier?”

Modern society wants you to believe that disease just happens, but if you have read any of the health articles here, you know that’s not even close to being true. So what can we do as parents? Is it good parenting to give into their demands of high sugar snacks their friends might be eating?

My mother used to have rules for me and my brother, but different rules for herself. For example, she would tell us that oreo’s and cheetoh’s are bad for us, but they were always hiding under her bed and pillows. What do you think she was telling us? Later in life, I found myself also snacking on and hiding these terrible disease causing fake foods and trying to set different rules for my own children. This simply doesn’t work!

There comes a point in time where we have to assess our own behavior as parents. The rising incidents of children diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, obesity and mental health conditions are proof that we are doing something wrong! These epidemics of disease are not an accident! It is time for responsible parents to STOP ABUSING OUR CHILDREN WITH NON FOODS AND DRUGS!

Many health experts will tell us our disease comes from genetics and we are almost guaranteed to inherit the same diseases as our parents, but the truth of that is what we are inheriting are their bad habits! When steak and potatoes for dinner, bacon, eggs and has browns for breakfast and burgers for lunch become habits, you are inheriting disease…through BAD DIETARY HABITS! This is not a genetic “defect” that cannot be explained, it’s simple science, cause and effect! Garbage in, garbage out. NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES CAUSE DISEASE! You inherited UNHEALTHY habits that REINFORCED the same disease your parents had. You ever wonder why I no longer have the same diseases my parents had??? Because we CAN change!!!

You do not have to follow that same path, nor do you have to impose those unhealthy habits on your children. The fact is you are almost 100% responsible for any ill health they are experiencing. And drugging the symptoms are NOT the solution.

This Coffee with Christie video contains some REAL TALK about how we can raise healthier children.

Blessings and Love to you and your better choices for healthier Children. The Future is in our hands. It is our responsibility what we teach our children.

A 2012 video on helping your loved ones eat healthier.

Getting Healthy and Losing Weight can be EASY!

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