Getting Real with Anxiety

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Let’s get real here. You can continue to blame your feelings on an a disease with unknown origins and no cure as modern medicine would have you believe, or you can start listening to your body and what it might be screaming at you to start paying attention to.

Anxiety is a normal part of life. It’s completely normal to feel anxious when you are doing something for the first time, or in an unknown situation…for speaking at an event, a radio show, or standing up for yourself, asking for a raise, meeting the in-laws and many other normal events in life we all face. There are also times where we don’t exactly know where it’s coming from.

Now if you don’t know, that’s when you need to start paying closer attention to the energies and ask yourself questions like these,

  • Am I saying yes somewhere where I should be saying no?
  • Do I need to pay closer attention to someone or something around me?
  • Is this job, partner, etc really good for me?
  • Can I really trust this person, business deal, etc?
  • Can I be taking better care of myself right now?

Simply put, anxiety is your bodies response to you not listening to it’s internal signals, intuition, etc. We have what’s called a spiritual immune system. Doctors call it the parasympathetic nerve system. Now how would you react after being ignored for years or decades at a time??? Obviously this perfectly designed body we have is going to step up the alarm system after the first futile attempts at getting through to you. That results in what we call anxiety. Healing it is simple. Give your body what it needs, or get away from the situation you need not be in.

In cases of stage fright, I know it’s not fun, but you can get over it by doing whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable…in small spurts n a safe environment. Let it be stated that any growth in life is ALWAYS going to feel uncomfortable. So you can drug it, or you can push through it. That choice is up to you. But it must be known that all pills have serious side effects, many including death. Would you really rather die than feel?

Getting right with your feeling is not much of americas favorite pastime, which is why there are so many opportunities for distraction, but you might want to ask WHY would there be so many distractions readily available? Maybe someone doesn’t want you to be in touch with yourself…? Maybe being in touch and leaving the distractions behind is the key to healing?

Here’s a video I discussed some of my experience with anxiety a couple years ago. Let me know if it resonates.

Anxiety is NOT a disease. It is NOT something that needs to be medicated. It is similar to the check engine light in your vehicle. Start listening to yourself because it is clear that listening to those trying to medicate the world is not working. If it was, why is there even more anxiety and other diseases today…?

What would happen if you spent time with yourself and nourished your own soul??? I know for me, that is what healed my decades of anxiety and do what no pill could do.

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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