February 2020 Updates

Alright, I thought I would have good news by now, but I don’t. I should have moved into my new house by now, but I’m not. So I’m on an expedition to find one. Until then, there will be no show.

If there are any updates, I will be posting them on my youtube channel or facebook page, as I will not have access to this site, skype or messenger. I’ll also try to stay active in my health group and others. If you need to get a hold of me, text me or email me at ChristieAphrodite@gmail.com

I do have some My True Essence Products with me so if you need them, go ahead an order as I am prepared to send out from wherever I am. 🙂

Hopefully this will be my last house hunting trip, but no promises as chaotic as this would be enjoyable experience has gone…however we’ve all heard, all good things are worth the wait. Let’s see!


See you soon!

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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  1. I read your blurb today. It is incredibly moving. Because it’s honest. And I’ve been through that fire. Three times lost everything as far as material things, people, friends, family. Been though that more than once. Still recovering from losses in the past. My son is in the Israeli Defense Forces. Long story why he is there and not in America. But this message is about something else. At present I am seriously considering creating a non-profit org: Monastery of Discarded and Forgotten Children of God. Not a religious organization but one based on spiritual principles. The idea is to get large pieces of land where people can build their own tiny houses and plant gardens, to become self-sustaining rather than live on streets and in cars. I know that some use a term called Intentional Community. I would not use that term because I do not want to force people to participate in community activities unless they choose to. Interaction is somewhat necessary but not essential to getting healed from the facts of being Discarded and Forgotten Children of God. No age requirements. Many are older people, and many more older people who join those who are Discarded and Forgotten Human Beings. The only sharing would be that of cost of buying property, to the extent one can afford to pay a rent, and that doesn’t need to be in cash but can be in kind. Obviously many details and rules would have to be worked out and money raised to buy property – location is important. You seem to be ideally prepared for involvement is such a place and project,as I have been also preparing by accumulating as much pertinent information as possible to run a self-sustaining place such as I propose to create. Consider if you would something like this . . . You know of a property of at least five acres in a suitable place. You recommend that it be purchased or leased to start – and other people put up the money to access the property. You move your things there and choose a spot at which to build your house . . . perhaps a cottage of stone, straw bale, cob, or a combination. Whatever materials are on the property, short of cutting down trees all over the place, are your’s to use. Tools are shared. As long as you are not disruptive with others, if there are others, you are free to continue as long as you like. Free to participate with others or keep to yourself. Free to barter with others, if there are others who have something to barter. Use your imagination to guide you as to how you might shape your future in such a place, (For me, spare time would be catching up on a collection of a few thousand unread books in my collection and building new gardens and utility places like an outdoor kitchen or two.) And by the way, I recently learned that a place called Hiawasee in north Georgia has affordable land, is quite beautiful, and suitable for self-sustained living. It’s not crowed. People go there to get away from the bullshit of ugly people. If you are interested in more information I can let you know when this idea is incorporated into a formal organization with “legal”status. If you care to contribute ideas do let me know. And that name, I am quite serious about it – that would be the formal name: The Monastery of Discarded and Forgotten Children of God. Peace to you~~!!

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    • Thank you so much! This is pretty much what I had envisioned…but everyone has always flaked…so I had to keep going. 🙂 I am open to sharing the property with qualified contributors, but I’m not going to be anyone’s mommy. If I don’t find the partnership I need, I will be renting it out so I can pay the bills. 🙂 I would prefer a working community, but I have yet to find people who really do what they say. If they do appear, they are more than welcome to build their own house and contribute to the bills, gardens, and maintenance. 🙂

  2. Hi sister, checking in. And wishing you safe travels, peace & love wherever you venture, to towards, in around. May the divine guide and protect you and your entire surroundings.

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