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Over the past couple decades we’ve been hearing about gluten intolerance or celiac disease increasingly more often. Due to this skyrocketing epidemic we’ve been warned to stay away from wheat, as if all of a sudden our food just decided to kill us even though our species relied on crops like wheat to survive… Many who heed these warning switch over to gluten free products, but is that necessarily safer? This article doesn’t think so. In recent studies where the participants who believed they were gluten intolerant followed a strict gluten free diet for 2 months and they found that, “86 percent of those who believe they’re sensitive to gluten can tolerate it without negative health consequences. And, when you account for those who had celiac or wheat allergy, some 93 percent of individuals who believe they are gluten-sensitive can tolerate it.” Researchers also claim that a gluten free diet may be linked to heart disease in this article at Reader’s Digest, If You Want to Avoid Heart Disease, Don’t Even Think of Going Gluten-Free.

As a long time restaurant worker, I am often confronted with people diagnosed with this condition requesting a special menu to meet their dietary needs. We go through extreme measures to ensure nothing even close to wheat comes anywhere close to their food preparation and have to literally shut down the line in the kitchen to prepare their meal with caution. They believe wheat is the enemy, but is that really the entire story?

The truth is there are many contributing factors to the increased disease rates, including celiac disease, but are we looking at the right causative factors? In this expose I am going to focus on glyphosate where I will show you 100% without a doubt that they KNOW what’s causing this epidemic, but refuse to acknowledge why. According to this graph, celiac disease was virtually non-existent 30 years ago!

So what’s changed? The National Library of Medicine refers to Celiac Disease a genetic autoimmune disorder. As we know, they want us to believe autoimmune disorders are caused by a mysteriously rogue immune system gone wild that just decides to start attacking itself. And while they consistently repeat that they have no idea why, data from their own scientific studies prove otherwise. Let’s first look at what they say about Celiac Disease;

So the common thought pushed today is that wheat is causing celiac disease, but I want to know why our ancestors never suffered this condition and as the graph above shows barely even heard of in 1990? A recent article at parrots the inherited autoimmune disease myth and follows up with “In the United States, about one in every 133 people have celiac disease, which means approximately 2.4 million people have the condition. However, more than 2 million of these haven’t yet been diagnosed, so they don’t know they have the condition and therefore need to follow the gluten-free diet.”

Again they want us to believe millions of people have an explainable disease and push to modify our traditional diets. But what if I was to tell you there are KNOWN CAUSES of autoimmune disease that our pharmaceutical paid media suppress, even though the research has been there since at least 2013 as I will show you in this study I found at the National Library of Medicine. I suggest you read the entire report, but let me share with you this BOMBSHELL conclusion of the study!!

They admit right there in black and white that THEY KNOW GLYPHOSATE CAUSES ALL THE FACTORS LEADING TO AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE!!! No wonder incident rates of all disease have been rising!!! While studies like these BEG for more oversight and safety testing, Bayer and their governmental agency puppets like the FDA and EPA insist it is safe for human consumption!

Why the disparity? Because if people knew they were being systematically poisoned by the makers agent orange, ddt and glyphosate, they might be outraged and stop supporting these multi billion dollar companies! Besides, their drug making buddies at the pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be selling us poison through their “medicines” purported to treat all these mysterious diseases. A healthy population puts them out of business!!!

So getting back to the gluten free bandwagon, now that we know gluten is not the enemy, what makes you think they don’t grow all the other gluten free substitutes in the same contaminated soil with the same contaminated water, dowsed with the same contaminated herbicides???

Most of us already know not to eat GMO’s and non organic produce, but does that mean we are glyphosate free? According to the World Health Organization, glyphosate is detected virtually everywhere these days! And is currently being sprayed over my county as I write this!!!

“Glyphosate currently has the highest global production volume of all herbicides. The largest use worldwide is in agriculture. The agricultural use of glyphosate has increased sharply since the development of crops that have been genetically modified to make them resistant to glyphosate. Glyphosate is also used in forestry, urban, and home applications. Glyphosate has been detected in the air during spraying, in water, and in food. The general population is exposed primarily through residence near sprayed areas, home use, and diet, and the level that has been observed is generally low.”

The truth is simple. Unfortunately at this stage of the game no one in this country can avoid this deadly poison. The cause of the rising rates of disease directly correlate to the introduction of chemical warfare through pesticides, GMO’s and vaccines! Even the report from referred to glyphosate as “chemical warfare” and an “edipemic.” Glyphosate Herbicides Are Now Banned or Restricted in 17 Countries thankfully, but the United States has a long way to go as they keep making excuses to cover up for their drug making buddies.

So now what? What do we do now that we know that our own government has allowed the mass poisoning of it’s citizens? And why would they seek to HIDE WARNING LABELS on the product even though Roundup weed killer has been designated as a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization (WHO)??? Then take into consideration this landmark lawsuit, Dewayne “Lee” Johnson v. Monsanto Company which resulted in a $289.2 million jury verdict against Monsanto where, the jury found that Monsanto acted with “malice, oppression or fraud and should be punished for its conduct.” Since that lawsuit there have been over 11,000 cases filed claiming Roundup contributed to their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. And more recently this lawsuit in which the plaintiffs were awarded over 2 billion judgement.

The message is clear. Regulatory agencies in the US have no intention to protect us. It is time we learn to protect ourselves in the best ways we can. We might not have power over everything, but we DO have power in where we spend our dollars!!! Check the link to see a chart of all the corporations involved in this conspiracy!!! If you are buying these products, or products made by companies who use them, then you are the reason this continues! Every dollar you give them increases their power! And while we can’t completely avoid all these toxins at this point in time, we CAN make better choices for ourselves and our loved ones to live our healthiest versions of ourselves. As always I recommend a LOCAL ORGANIC nutrient dense plant based diet, supplemented with herbs as needed. If you want some advice on that, please check out our other health related articles.

This image is brought to you by OXFAM.

While we can’t stop this chemical warfare against overnight, we can educate each other and do our part by exposing the negligence of companies like POPE Resources who continue to spray despite the warnings!

I live in the country on a small farm. I see with my own eyes what happens after they spray. I have witnessed the loss of crops, wild animals and even people I love due to sudden illnesses after spraying. Jefferson County claims they don’t know if they can ban glyphosate! They can ban plastic bags and stars, but they can’t ban a chemical that has been PROVEN TO CAUSE CANCER AND OTHER DISEASES???

I’m pretty sure that if I sprayed some dangerous chemical over thousands of acres, or even did something as small as burn one plastic bottle on my property, I would be fined and perhaps arrested. Why is it that big corporations don’t have to abide by the same guidelines imposed upon us and even worse can poison us then sue us, like Percy Schmeiser, a former guest on TruthBrigade Radio after ruining our crops???

I don’t have a fool proof solution here, but we can’t keep turning a blind eye as we do nothing about this silent war against us. We to have the ability inform everyone we can, protect our loved ones with a healthy diet and supplements, if needed, and avoid supporting ALL CORPORATIONS WHICH USE OR SELL THEIR PRODUCTS! We DO have the power to create positive change!

Don’t blame the wheat, blame the beast that allows these poisons to proliferate our lives. So what are you going to do about it? How many more people are you going to watch acquire these pesticide related diseases like autoimmune disease and cancer? I don’t know about you but I am tired of the needless suffering and I hope you are too!

Before we close, check out this extensive article that one again proves glyphosate causes cancer! IARC Glyphosate Monograph Concludes “Probable Human Carcinogen”

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite


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  1. Tremendous Wisdom. Yours is the first article I’ve read that brings reality to the gluten scare. Just fantastic how you have unraveled the convoluted fairy tales into cohesive awareness. Brilliant if not ingenious.

  2. You should look into Stephanie Seneff, she states that MMS,I think it’s Chlorine Dioxide, will degrade Glyphosate.Stephanie is on YT. Maybe still.

  3. The fact that “they” were dumping Glyphosate on your head as you wrote this really emphasizes the urgency of the message. I followed the link you provided and the article detailing their plans had been written the previous day! They are aware that it’s poison and that people in the community don’t want it, still they push ahead.

    • it’s for our own good………… what I Don’t understand is if we can BAN straws, BAN plastic bags, drugs, guns and freedom of choice…why doe Jefferson County act like they can’t ban a MASS GENOCIDAL POISON?!?!?!

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