Circumcision – To Snip or Not to Snip

If you can create a culture who thinks it’s normal to genitally mutilate their sons, you can create a culture that thrives on war…a soulless traumatized culture that isn’t even aware of it’s trauma and all the implications that trickle down from this one barbaric “tradition.”

We have been told that this is a necessary medical procedure…but what if we were lied to? Do you even know what they are doing with the circumcised foreskin??? Were you made aware of the risks, including STD’s, before you chose to send your son off to be traumatized for a lie? Is it true that the baby doesn’t feel it?

If you’re new to the topic of circumcision, this is a good video to sum it up quickly. Check out their other informative videos while you are there!!!

David Wilson of and Christie Aphrodite talk about his experience of torture, trauma and pain…all suppressed to appease a religion, with no actual medical reason to be performed. I thought america was about freedom of and from religion???

PLEASE STOP INFANT GENITAL MUTILATION! YOU CAN END THIS NOW…JUST BY SIMPLY SAYING NO!!! There simply just is no excuse to pay for your sons torture that benefits hollywood and big pharma at your lifetime of expense…Normalized child abuse ends with you!

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