Are you being Bullied, Targeted, Attacked? Here’s Why!

Can't we all just get along?

First of all, I need you to know this:


The second thing you need to know is this:


For proof, look to nature…do you ever see a tick sucking a tick? A flea sucking a flea? Nope. They only suck off those who are more powerful than them!

Good people never go out of their way to harm, shame or gaslight another human. So while you might have been led to believe you were being bullied because you weren’t good enough, the truth is the opposite. YOU were chosen because of your greatness…some of which you might not even know yet. But “they” do…which is why you were targeted.

I know this is hard. The REAL HEROES Journey is NOT easy. It will require you to walk away from everything and everyone you have ever come to know and love. It will require you to come face to face with death and the loss of everything you ever thought you needed. It will require you to choose SELF LOVE over giving your power away to the same system/beast that is designed to hold you down.

As I mentioned in this video….the REAL meaning of life is simple. FOLLOW YOUR HEART, YOUR SOUL PATH! “Their” job is to distract you. Your job is to not be distracted! You are being targeted heavily because they don’t want you to find out how powerful you really are!!!

So…who’s gonna win this race for your life? Are you going to cower and give in to tiny little detractors acting out of fear and jealousy? Or are you going to step up and find out who and what you really are? If they are going to exert all this effort in you, you must have something important locked up in there…and it is your DUTY to find it!!! 🙂

Bullies are insecure and hate themselves, so they want everyone else around them to feel their mostly self inflicted pain. DO NOT EVER LET THEM MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF! I will say it again! YOU ARE BEING BULLIED BY MEDIOCRE PRETEND HUMANS BECAUSE YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE GREAT!!!

Please enjoy this video and let me know what you are doing to move forward and not be distracted by parasites trying to push you into their miserable game of nothingness and illusion.

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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  1. Right the fuck on sister. I dove into a pit yesterday feeling like all the cards were stacked against me. I broke down crying. As I laid in bed I realized how many negative things I keep thinking about myself. So I listed off in my head how many things I’ve survived and how truly dedicated I am to healing and I realized holy crap Sharon see myself who I really am.

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