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The first thing I did to start off my activism (come out of the closet) was write a blog entry at johnadkison.blogspot.com.  That first article was January 2018, shortly after seeing the American Circumcision documentary at the Social Justice Film Festival in Seattle.

I have been frustrated by the many different organizations tackling the issue independently, and, in some cases, arguing over things.  I wanted to do something to bring us all together under one umbrella.  So, I created GenitalAutonomySociety.org with the mantra “We believe that everyone has the right to the genitalia they were born with.”  I know several people see intersex and female genital cutting as separate issues from male “circumcision.”  The people and organizations that are part of this society see it as ONE single issue.  We all agree on that simple mantra and we don’t muddy up the water with anything else.

One of the desires of the G.A.S. organization is to have a single place for people donate that they can trust funds will be distributed to the efforts that deserve the funds the most.  I created this page on Facebook where I share all fundraisers: https://www.facebook.com/genitalautonomysociety
I want to get in front of teenage boys so they learn about what was done to them.  I wanted to create something that would step them through the entire education, so I created this page on Facebook:  


I had a challenge trying to find good sources for swag, so, I decided to create a single group where people can share their intactivism swag:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/intactivist.swag/

I wanted a public place for male preputial amputees to publicly let the world know they are unhappy and can post about their experience:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/304541503672515/

I wanted a public place for intact men that are willing to show that they care about the issue and are willing to talk about what it is like to be intact:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1887264558048252/

I often came across the cases where people thought it was important for boys to look like their dads or where I wanted dads to be brave, so I created this group for men who were willing to be public about the fact that they ended the chain with themselves:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/168229810556640/

I do protests with Bloodstained Men, I do solo protests and local protests with anyone that will join me and I do booths/tables with the Your Whole Baby name.  Brother K gave me an old pair of his pants since we’re about the same size.
I filed a criminal complaint about my preputial amputation, filed a tort claim with the US Navy and continued with a lawsuit against the federal government (discussed in my blog).

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