3 Years Ago Today

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Wow. I still am so humbled and Grateful that I was chosen for this Amazing Journey! I want to share with you a video of where I Was 3 years ago today. I was living in a tent in the Olympic Mountains in what was the worst winter they had seen in decades! Snow, ice, long lasting freezing temps. It was NOT a walk in the park! 🙂 But it kind of was…lol

January 2017

3 years really isn’t that long ago. In fact 4 years ago I was in the hospital begging for my life to end, unable to walk and hardly able to talk. The reason I bring up these past trials in my life is because I know there are many that are not content where they are at. And truthfully, most of the same people complaining today were complaining about the exact same things 3 years ago today.

Now what could today look like for you if you applied yourself towards something different? What if every step you took was a small step towards the future you wanted to create?

3 years ago today I was in a tent, freezing my bum off, wondering if this was all going to end. While I had a plan that I held hope for, I also had a lot to make me wonder, will it always be this hard?

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I know there are many of you who feel that your future is dim. I understand and I’m not trying to diminish your struggle. What I am trying to do though is encourage you to keep looking forward no matter how hard it is!!! If you stay true to your heart, you have no choice but to succeed!


Remember everyone making fun of me then? Not only the fact that I built what I did and ended up needing it, but the fact that I chose this over wasting my money in a noisy roach motel or other opportunities available to me with my lack of income at the time. This was just a continuation from what I set out to do in my 30 day Soul Journey, gathering skills I would need for my future life and Learn Her ways so that I could Heal myself and be more useful in helping others! I wonder if they are still laughing???


I am going to ask you what’s different today in your life? If nothing is different, are you content? And if you are not, why aren’t you doing the things you need to change your circumstance? 🙂

Thank you so much for being here along on this Journey! I wish this freedom for you!

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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  1. A one-of-a-kind experience that anybody can experience for themselves…in their own kind of way. Does that make sense?

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