3 Years Ago Today

January 30, 2020 ChristieAphrodite 2

Wow. I still am so humbled and Grateful that I was chosen for this Amazing Journey! I want to share with you a video of where I Was 3 years ago today. I was living in a tent in the Olympic Mountains in what was the worst winter they had seen in decades! Snow, ice, […]

My First Animal Attack

August 22, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 0

For those of you who know my ability to tame wild beasts, I thought you would find my first animal attack amusing!!! 🙂 He actually attacked me 3 times, but the phone died upon impact…lol Oh well, you can’t make them all love you! 🙂 Please follow and like us:

Turkey Jerky

August 20, 2019 ChristieAphrodite 0

This was back on the farm in 2016 in my #pimpmytent days with my turkey friend Osiris… This adorable video he actually followed me into the farm house!!! Yes, INSIDE!!! I was the only one on the farm he didn’t attack, but I don’t think that’s too hard to figure out why. I was the […]