What Do you Really Know?

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Here’s another one that came up on timehop from 3 years ago…I remember writing this on my 10 minute break at work on my first minimum wage job back into the workforce after I was a semicoherent speaker and almost straight walker again. 🙂 

I was living in my storage unit at the time on Whidbey Island with my broken down car it took me 2 months to earn enough money to fix…
Fun times! lol
Thanks for the Journey……….

July 2, 2016 · Think of everything you think you know… Or lets just pick a few things…
Your neighbors, Friends, family?
World affairs, politics, laws, governments?
Statistics, events, history?
Science, astronomy?
Nutrition, health?
Your favorite food… Where did it come from?
Ask yourself…… Anything you think you KNOW……………?
Now… let’s look inside ourselves… Do you really actually KNOW any of these things to be universal fact? If so, how did you learn of their infallible truths?
Truth is, none of us really KNOW much. Everything we think we know has been spoon fed to us by a handful of people and/or corporations… through media, schools, politicians, pastors, tradition…
You don’t know that coke is your favorite drink, you just drink it because of advertising… without even trying their competition with a lesser known name…
We can only come to know that which we’ve directly experienced, yet so much of our lives are wasted on judging, condemning and maiming others because we think we know something they don’t know… or we want then to see things “our way…” Because we are so right you know… And if everyone was like me…”
Does anyone else think that’s funny?
Yeah…much giggles of sadness… as I watch us separate ourselves from one another, wanting to kill our neighbors, or start another war… Over what?
Do you actually know what time you were born? Or did you just read it on a piece of paper… or choose to accept hearsay as actual fact? Hearsay.
Do you actually know that chickweed has 29 mg of calcium… Did you read it in a book (hearsay) it did you actually test it yourself?
Do you actually know what some dead guy really did or said hundreds or thousands of years ago…? Hearsay.
But you want to fight about it? Hahaha
Do you actually know how far away the moon is because you went there, or did you were told about it in school???
I hate to be the one to break it to you… But almost everything you think you know never even originated from your own thought process or by you implementing the true scientific method yourself…
Speaking of science… For every 9 out of 10 that claim one thing to be actual fact, you can find another 9 out of 10 that will swear by the exact opposite!
And they all have the proof!
Same with governments.
Same with religions.
Same with anything you’ve ever watched on TV, read in a book, or learned in your respective CULT-ure…
I think we spend way too much time trying to be “right” by choosing one piece of information or experience without ever looking beyond…
Is it that were too afraid to be found “wrong” so we choose the side that best fits our previous programming…? Without ever taking in to consideration that there may be another side… Or more than that?
Have you ever wondered what else is it there?
“It’s never either or, it’s always both and more…”
Remember this quote for those of you that claim the bible as your truth…?
“Come ye as little children”
Or how about this one…?
“Love your neighbor as yourself?”
How about we try to suspend what we think we know for just a day or two… And love one another instead…?
Now that is the only way to accomplish what everyone claims they want… Peace, love and happiness…
We all have the same basic needs… Love, shelter, foods, water, sunshine… why is it so easy to forget that those with differing beliefs also have the same needs?
You don’t get love, peace and happiness by being right about everything. Because when you have to be right, someone else has to be made wrong.
Is that a person, a group or a whole culture you are making wrong?
Think hard about what you think you know and where it came from…
Have you actually experienced everything in this universe that can possibly be experienced?
I think not!
How do I know?
I know nothing…

Blessings and Love,
Christie Aphrodite

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