Real Talk about Ascension

Real Talk

Real Talk About Ascension


Ascension is defined as the act of rising to a higher level, and many so-called spiritual gurus want you to believe that if you attend their workshops or buy their books or take their supplements that you are going to ascend magically and effortlessly.  Some of them even preach about “separation” explaining how the “good” people are going to get carried away on a spaceship to a land of rainbows and lollipops. What these gurus conveniently fail to mention is that “real” ascension is something that you do within yourself, inside YOUR temple.  Privately. It is not something that’s going to happen to you on some revelatory day when the veils are finally lifted.

Back in my radio days, I tried to assure my listeners that no asteroid or comet was zeroing in on earth and no spaceship would be arriving to take all the chosen people away.  Of course, whenever I spoke or wrote about this “ascension deception” I was accused of working as a troll for the CIA. It’s been several years now so who was right?  lol

I specifically recall back in 2011 attending a conference in Chicago, and the attendees were like, “On 12/21 we’re all going to be given the option to jump ship, leave planet earth and go to a safer place where super-intelligent beings are going to take care of us.”  Because apparently, we’re too fucking stupid to take care of ourselves and we need some other entity to do it for us. 

The fearless leader of these mindless lemmings who shall remain nameless concluded his presentation by stating, “The most abused woman on the planet is mother earth. Any questions?”  So, I stood up and asked, “If mother earth is the most abused woman on the planet then how is jumping ship and abandoning her at this crucial time fulfilling humanity’s role and showing her the love that she requires?  Is mother earth so helpless that she needs some dude on a spaceship to come to this planet and pick us up and take us away so that we can live happily ever after somewhere else?”  Well, he couldn’t refute my assertion, and he even turned that very topic into a money-making seminar (I never again invited him to appear on my radio show). 

Please understand that ascension is not something that’s going to happen to you on some specially appointed day and if you’re willing to board a spaceship and abandon everything you know and love, then you’re not ascending at all.  You’re running in fear.  

As for the supplements being pushed by these alternative radio frauds, I know from firsthand experience that they are created by people who are trying to hurt you, and these “health” products sometimes produce the same side effects as if you went to some quack and started taking their prescribed drugs.  If you are a person who doesn’t take pharmaceuticals, drink alcohol, or eat processed genetically-modified food, then they need to poison you some other way, so they target people looking for a lazy way to be healthy. Yeah, I’m sorry, but buying a supplement just because somebody told you to is not only lazy, it’s irresponsible.

The sad fact is that It isn’t easy to stay true to your heart and do what’s right in a culture that is not on the same wavelength, and in most instances working against you.  But rest assured that no magical day is going to arrive when everybody’s going to wake up and be kind and loving all the time. So STOP WAITING FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO WAKE UP!!!

We live on a planet of duality, so there’s always going to be black and white, winter and summer, freezing and boiling, good and evil.  You don’t need to take a supplement or buy a book or pay some charlatan for “healing” sessions to ascend. You’re also not required to believe in Christianity. In fact, the less you be”LIE”ve, the closer you will be to your source. Jesus himself said, “Ye are the temple of the living God.”  We are each part of a puzzle with 7 billion pieces, and when we surrender egoic control and look within, that’s when we finally begin to rise high enough to get a glimpse of the bigger picture.  Ascension is a personal journey so stop needlessly wasting time and energy clutching a worthless boarding pass to nowhere.

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