Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires with Shaman Avalon Sakti and Christie Aphrodite on American Freedom Radio 11.2.2010

We both discuss some personal experiences and things we have learned along the way.

Sakti shares some signs and red flags we can look out for, how we know we are being drained by a vampire and most importantly what we can do to protect ourselves.

Don’t miss this informational and timeless broadcast! Vampires are much more common than anyone would want to believe!

The ultimate goal of the vampire is to drain others of their vitality and power and steal their spiritual gifts. A vampire is a glutton who will never get enough. Vampires won’t stop draining their victims until there is nothing left to take anymore, until their victims have lost all their power and vitality. In the worst case scenario the victim will then die! Because vampires never get enough they need to ensure that there is a constant supply. This is accomplished by first drawing in as many people as possible, secondly by creating energetic links to their victims so they can be drained even when they aren’t physically near the vampire anymore, and by thirdly influencing the victims’ minds until they “trust” the vampire and are totally under his control. The vampire then can “remotely control” them to the point where they willingly come back to be abused or drained some more. The victim gets “hooked”! While the vampire’s primary desire is to drain his victims of their vitality and power, he won’t mind picking up a few trifles along the way. Modern vampires living in urban areas need money like anybody does, and so they use mental manipulation and the energetic links they have set up to con and financially exploit their victims as well! Vampires also use a low and despicable form of sex magick (note: sex magick can be a very positive practice, but never with a vampire!!!) which is designed to drain their victims of all their vitality and power. This form of sex magick is widely known in South East Asia, where I spent 5 years of my life. If you have sex with a vampire, then you are virtually f***ed! Your energy levels will go down significantly, you will lose all your power and become an empty shell of your former self. Even your luck will drastically go downhill, as sex with a vampire opens you up to the demonic. (More about this on the Entities and Underworld Page!)

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