Making Friends with Anger

Let’s talk about anger. For me, It wasn’t until someone asked me in my Coffee with Christie series about how they can stop themselves from being so angry that I really started to think about it and discover that there just might be benefits and some of the reasons why we could be part of a society that would want to suppress it.

Each of these emotions we feel are not supposed to be silenced. And no emotion is more important, better or worse than another despite what the fake spiritual gurus the markets has been flooded with want to preach and fill you with even more shame over. Simply put, some emotions are more are more desired and others less enjoyable to experience… But what if all emotions are simply mechanisms to draw attention to something we need to be doing to help ourselves better…?

What if suppressing it with pills, alcohol and other distractions is actually what’s causing our dysfunction and the mass violence as a result of our suppression?

What would society be like if we were allowed to feel and express as these things come up?

The truth is most of society fears anger because they are suffering from suppressed anger and the fear of what it “could” do. So they take a pill and never find out what a healthy expression of anger could even look like and how it could work to their advantage…

The controllers want us medicated if we feel anger because they know an angry person can say NO. This is what fuels us most often to stand up and set boundaries in situations that if we were completely honest before, we would have never even been in, or stood up long ago…

Perhaps it’s the lack of anger that has led society down the dumpster it has become. Would someone who is angry about their child being forcefully injected with neurotoxins send their child off to their slow death? I think not. There are many things we have become accustomed to tolerating in society that a few years ago before mass medication simply just would not fly.
The healthiest part of anger is that it allows us to stand up for ourselves and say no! It allows us to finally set boundaries maybe where we should have had them before while we were trying to hide how we really felt. I spent most of my life avoiding anger, only to look back and realize it was the catalyst for everything good in my life I have every achieved…what about you? 🙂

My wish for everyone is that we are all free to be and express our humanity in all it’s unique facets. May we all be allowed to say no! May we all be allowed to feel our pains, heal our traumas and express in a way that it no longer has any power over us. May we all experience the joy of real freedom, which can only be found in healing ourselves and breaking free of the prison we fight to stay in. May we all feel safe to be all we were meant to be on our soul journeys, in our greatness, with acceptance, and most of all love.

Blessings and Love,

Christie Aphrodite

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  1. Anger can most certainly be one’s wisest ally, for many reasons. Health, decisions, radical acceptance of reality just to name a few. Thanks Christie, excellent advice.

    • Thank you! I am so thankful I don’t fear anger anymore and love how it’s helped me become a better person!!! 🙂 I wish that everyone can safely express their anger and start bringing about the world they really want!!! 🙂

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