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Christie Aphrodite in a wheelchair 2007-8

Let’s get real here…my whole online life has been free! Since 2005!!! AND I have gone homeless and disabled myself in that time. Clearly on the other side of it, what I teach, WORKS! Most of you ignored me in my time of need after giving to you so freely…

And, now you say you want my advice…? Yeah…..uh….first you need to give me one good reason why I would spend more time on MY dime to help you AGAIN…when you CHOSE to not listen to all my FREE PROVEN advice that’s already out there!!!!

I learn from my mistakes. This is NOT negotiable. You want my FREE help, prove you are worth it by utilizing it with my thousands of videos and shows and hundreds of articles and blogs BEFORE you die!!! Don’t tell me I’m right after the fact, DO IT NOW!!! OR PAY FOR A SESSION!!! I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO GO BACKWARDS!!!! NO MORE!!!

Truth is, there is nothing I can tell you in my sessions that I haven’t already given for free for over a decade…at my expense. This still is all at my expense. I live my truth. I walk my walk. Now it’s time for you to do that same if you expect more of my time. Each time I stop to go over something I already have, that takes time away from me learning more that I can go freely share with those who DO RESPECT my work.

That’s what it boils down to. Ignoring me for years, then demanding my time at YOUR convenience years later shows a lack of respect for my work. If this message offends you, perhaps it’s time to step up and BE the change you speak of! Show you love yourself FIRST by going the extra mile and putting in the effort…because without that, I can no longer be available.

Blessings and Love to You! I have given you the keys…will you open the door???

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  1. IF I was to approach you IRL and offer to help you by doing something good for you entirely selfless & platonic: Let’s say if I was travelling & camping in the Washington State Olympic Peninsula and had an unplanned encounter w/ you and spontaneously noticed you struggling after or during a rainstorm and saw you needed help with Campsite chores and offered you my help with my wilderness survival skills FOR FREE? , let alone if I’d ask for “healing” advice TO you as the absolute marvel of modern science specimen of GOOD HEALTH you are with a rollie ciggie of homegrown organic tobacco smoldering in your mouth with your decaying old nicotine & coffee stained teeth? I’d probably get pushed away as a troll, stalker, and a narcissist vampire who “gaslights” because I dare to tell you and ask you all the things I’m suspicious about your past, laying down all the dealbreakers up front starting with the Elephant in the living room Question: Where’s your now Adult daughters going way out of their way to defend you and clear your name if you’re so innocent from all the reason why you lost custody of em’?

    • Spiral, what did you just promise me you would do in your last email to me after I blocked you??? Was I not CLEAR in my desire to NOT go backwards to appease some VERY strange stranger like you??? Fuck the fuck off! Apparently you haven’t heard of mind control??? And apparently you’ve listened to my videos selectively. Again…why do you want to keep me in a 10 year old box? Is CURING cancer not good enough for you?
      This is your last fucking chance on here man. It’s not funny, it’s not cute. Where the fuck were you 10 years ago? You OWE me an explanation! YOU OWE Me your time and my manipulations because I’m so bored with my own life! blah blah blah…………..Yeah……………………fuck off! One more time and you will be reported for harassment. I have a long record of blocking you everywhere and requesting you to leave me alone! Keep it up.

  2. I NEVER ASKED for ANY HEALTH ADVICE FROM YOU! I’m sorry that you’re convinced I’m a 10 year old stalking harassing perv WHEN all I’ve ever known you is from vids online. (NOTHING IRL) I never went anywhere near (NOT the LEAST bit Deliberately if I did) you NOR intend to. I never met you IRL (in real life). You put all sorts of highly opinionated public vids out. I never even heard of you until I found 1 of your vids in 2013 on youtube interviewing Louis Turi telling all about your Horoscope and since you have the same birthdday as me AND you’re a year younger you fascinated me (you’re an Astrological Marvel of seeing myself through the lense of a woman’s perspective. And I find you adorably healing in that regard of attractiveness (AND that’s REALLY ALL). I told once befoRe, I never really wanted to follow, stalk, nor harass you, never had much of a big crush on you, just liked some of your style. I don’t really care to delve into your personal life, but you air it with such a fascinating DETAIL to the poing of getting me curious and concerned to intensely. And and so I had to feedback my opinion and areas of concern and suspicion. Report me for “harassment” all you want. I don’t want to go near you nor intend to go near you. I don’t even really want to like you anymore, but you have so much high publicity available publicly to respond to (including this site). I reserve my rights to give my opinion. fuckoff for hating seeing it persistently. I told you I’m transparent and not an asshole like a sockpuppet creep like Chris Geo’s minions and refrain from assumptions and angry attacks (preferacing I’M NOT A WITNESS TO YOUR PROBLEMS! (but yeah words are cheap online so that’s a hell of a statement) That I’m not shadow banned from you reading my comments here is not my problems. I DON’T NEED HEALTH ADVICE FROM YOU and certainly never tried to TAKE “FREE” ADVICE from YOU, but if I wanted you’re health advice it would certainly be something besides fiat currency such as “health advice” of my own in return. Good luck being a lifecoach guru herbal life lady and all the clients you attract. Beyond me.

    • I’m not looking or clients, or followers. I’m looking for responsible people who know how to take care of themselves and actually DO follow through with things other than following others around online to bother them with the SAME QUESTIONS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED YEARS BEFORE> YOU PURPOSELY TRY TO BRING ME BACKWARDS WHEN I AM FOCUSED ON MOVING FORWARD, LIKE ANY HEALTHY PERSON. DO NOT EVER WASTE MY TIME WITH ONE MORE ISSUE THAT WOULD STOP ME FROM MOVING FORWARD, NOT ONE THING THAT WOULD CAUSE ME TO GO BACKWARDS! And maybe you should also consider MOVING FORWARD WITH YOUR LIFE! Rather than sit around all day bitching about your mother or whatever girl said no to you last, why not go plant a garden? Why not go make something or go feed someone o help someone…??? Seriously……………………..I have ZERO TIME FOR ANY FAKE HUMAN WHO WOULD LIKE TO DRAG ME BACKWARDS. NO ONE OF ANY RELEVANCE WOULD CONSIDER SUCH A THING. My work speaks for itself. Anyone not propelling me forward or trying to hold me back is IN THE WAY!!! And obviously a parasite!!! Because healthy normal CREATORS never try to hold anyone back. EVER!!! Be a fucking creator. Full time shit talkers are boring. Why don’t you use my advice and use it to heal yourself so you don’t feel like you have to obsessively follow women around and try to hold them back 10 years ago????? WHY DO YOU LIE WHEN YOU SEND ME EMAILS SAYING YOU WILL NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN???????????????????????????????? MOVE FUCKING FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And PS you’re gonna die. The fix is in. Why don’t you worry about and prepare for something more important???

      And stop lying saying you never harassed me….despite me BEGGING YOU REPEATEDLY FOR YEARS TO STOP!!! I screen shot everything! That’s how I’m able to BURY ALL THE LIARS ALL BY MYSELF! SO STOP LYING! I FUCKING HATE LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. BTW the drama of this vid is ridiculous FUNNY like you think yhou’re such an absolute selfless martyr caretaker saving the world and you’re in absolute demand for everyone trying to parasite off of you when the only problem is a little bit of your own attention drama penchant coming back around. Seriously there’s information how to cure things everywhere far beyond your great Love for you surviving your problems! LIKE no one can figure how to find a good torrent full of entire tomes and libraries of herbal cures for every ailment modern medicine won’t tell anyone about or chew on some herb growing in the park down the street like a billy goat.

    • You’re an asshole. Why do you pretend to know my whole life story when I have you BLOCKED everywhere.
      Maybe you don’t know what it’s like to be desired full time for your skills, but I DO! And I’ve cut you all off for being time wasters! people who actually cared about healing would be doing it, not wasting all their time around me, begging me to do it for them. Fuck off. I have saved more lives for free than you will ever touch. I have the right to set boundaries against users, time wasters and those who disrespect my work by NOT following through. Stop being jealous and start healing!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND STOP CONTACTING ME INDIFFERENT NAMES EVEN THOUGH I’VE ASKED YOU TO STOP HOWE MANY TIMES!!!

  4. Who the fuck are you to go out of your way claiming martyr savior status and soliciting all sorts of tear jerking bleeding sympathy at your epic odyssey and soul journey and then act surprised when someone tries to do some truly independent journalism of their own sympathetic and impressed at to your good qualities, feeling heartfelt sympathy at your Cinderella complex and knowing you were treated unjustly in some deep cruel way, with a little anger that you were so severely duped too in extreme ways mixed too?

    • I have had enough of your gaslighting attacks against my character. REAL people are here to learn to heal themselves. Anyone expecting me to go backwards to appease their ego is NOT healing. I do not have time for anything less than my path. You keep changing your story. You are not a journalist. You’ve never interviewed me. You are a troll who makes up his own stories despite my willingness to forgive you and your fucking attacks. BLAMING ME for what men like you did to me is not journalism, nor is it sympathy. Now I’m done wasting time with people who want to continue to waste my time. Get over it. Use my advice for what it’s intended. HEAL YOURSELF! You have no sympathy for anything or anyone. You only want to get at me, or whoever else doesn’t give you the attention you want.
      PS. This is NOT how you get my attention. I do not reward negative behavior.
      And I will ask you again. Why did you LIE to me when you told me you would leave ma lone if that was my wish???

  5. I am an independent investigative journalist bonafide with your Solar Return Point (Soul Journey 22 degrees of Virgo our same Natal Sun & Solar Return) and have expertise in your Soul journey . I’ve totally set myself aside as a shining brilliant superior Agent of absolutely loving natural verdant down to earth biodiverse treehugging son of Mother Nature / Mother’s Nature Namesake with every ounce of absolute and utter total respect for the biodiverse plants and colorful absolute myriad, magickal mystical briliant beauty that our verdant verdant green holy fertile vital beautiful Pacific Northwest Forest Ancient Old Growth absolute lush Old growth Grove Enchanted foress have to offer in total memory of a true Medicine Man Lakota Oglala teacher Martin Highbear & that American Indian woman “Mourning dov”. Little do you know I have a degree Forest Management at Oregon STate University painstakingly slave for and earned and completed on a shoestring budget of hope in what little drop of faith that my mother was a true bloodline Healing Chiricahuah Apache woman and not a demoralized psychopathic spick cunt tortured by her Washishi Cunt mother (seeing the backwater bumkin dumbfuck rednecks running the good ole’boy ultra corporate shitholes out of Oregon & California Forestry like Weyerhauser & former Maxxam venerating people like Julia Butterfly to the Core along with Richard Saint Barbe Baker REVILING the bias and prejudice of the assholes of your past like the dumbfucking fraud white racist suckasses bumkind dumfucks sucking off spic drug cartel cock. “I’ve seen things you People wouldn’t believe” Counting waves off the shores of Akka as Baha’u’llah said and then Seeing the same seawall at 33 degrees lattitude off the shore of San Diego where you told your storyies and then reminding you of how fucking blesed you are to meet me for me being a Visitor of Akka by Baha’u’llah’s own words : “Blessed the man that hath visited ‘Akká, and blessed he that hath visited the visitor of ‘Akká. 180 Blessed the one that hath drunk from the Spring of the Cow and washed in its waters, for the black-eyed damsels quaff the camphor in Paradise, which hath come from the Spring of the Cow, and from the Spring of Salván (Siloam), and the Well of Zamzam. Well is it with him that hath drunk from these springs, and washed in their waters, for God hath forbidden the fire of hell to touch him and his body on the Day of Resurrection.” .WHATEVER THE F THAT ALL meant? I don’t hardly know. “All these memories will be lost in time Like Tears In the Rain” – Blade Runner Movie ripoff quotes. – thanks for the narcisstic supply wit creative inspriation to rehash how I’m proud about beauty like you are, it was fun snorting a big line of it. Don’t worry my next mental masturbation and my next wank are not about being with you, just REvisiting some Demented poetic way of what I see about your good qualities despite of me being an asshole sometimes. Frodo & Galadriel meme of you & me is still priceless. It really says it all. LMAO

    • Journalists ask questions. YOU ASSUME and write it as FACT without ever asking the question. You call that journalism. I call it fake news and trolling.
      I have said it before and I will say it again…for the LAST time. IF you want to INTERVIEW ME and ASK questions, let’s do it. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY OF YOUR PROJECTIONS OR ASSUMPTIONS. EVER! I’ve been telling you this for 5 years!!! So……do you want to be a troll or a journalist…? Step up and do it the right way….or be a stalker and change my words and make a video with me saying do it the white way! lol whatever you prefer, I Don’t care I only have time for my real life right now.
      Besides….what is the reason you men who keep wanting to project on me will not LISTEN to my actual words??? WHY NOT??? Are your needs more important than mine???

  6. What the fuck is it you are actually are convinced I’m assuming about you? That’s an assumption of me if I’ve ever heard 1. LMAO Tell me 1 thing I’ve ever said or wrote about you isn’t based on a fair understanding on what I know what you’ve said. You post on my webpages or blogpages or my email if I’m so bad for a change. You solicit massive attention and pretend its not supposed to be made fun of? You’re such a funny clown. Give 1000 monkeys a typewriter sooner or later they type out & spell “APE” Me being Frodo & you being Lady Galadriel is a metaphor and so is Me being Elliot & you E.T. flying me away on a bicycle. LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO SEE my UPDATEC BLOGLINK

    • You are such a fucking time waster! Trying to make me answer the SAME QUESTIONS IVE BEEN ANSWERING FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW! GOODBYE! I have given you many last chances on all my sites. This was it. You have outworn your welcome.
      But once again…for the severely retarded….
      YOU BLAMED ME FOR HAVING CHILDREN YEARS BEFORE I MET JEFF SCHWILK SO THAT I COULD USE THEM AGAINST HIM IN THE FUTURE…even though they aren’t his children. But yes, that was your accusation. So are you done now???

      Dude…you’ve got issues and you’ve NEVER APOLOGIZED FOR THOSE STATEMENTS! You are now blocked on here too. I have wasted way too much time with you hoping you would do the right thing. But you are INCAPABLE because your whole reason for being here is to waste my time and distract me from REAL ISSUES! GOODBYE!!! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!! I”M PRETTY SURE I EMAILED YOU THAT LONG AGO!!! What the FUCK don’t you understand about a WOMAN SAYING NO!?!?!?!?!??
      NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH PEOPLE WHO CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ABUSIVE ACTIONS.
      Now go away……………for reals this time!!! Because the next blog will be all the screen shots of YOU harassing me everywhere I have asked you NOT to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Never mind, that’s what you want. More attention. Well this was it. You did it. You got what you wanted. You completely pushed me away to the point of no return. Please go cyber stalk me with the rest of the pedophile retards!

  7. there’s nothing more funny the way you whimsically and habitually taunt & offend your detractors with a chip on your shoulder, especially when you hand their asses to them and mock them, and thereby entice them to keep coming back with endless rants all trying to get the last word in, escalating your publicity more and more and more and more with a mischieveious dupers delight to the whole shtick LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO you don’t really the kind of fucking mischievious badboy punks I hail from growing up in public schools. that’s my solar return sister in crime. Thank You.

    • hmmmm….so YOU following me everywhere, even where I have BLOCKED you is referred to as me taunting and offending my detractors??? Wait, where is YOUR responsibility in this? Who is going out of their way to invite themselves into places I have closed the door to? Who is forcing themselves into MY life by constantly posting their crappy diatribes on MY pages…? Yeah, sure….blame me, again for YOUR actions.
      I see what you’re doing here. In your demented mind, you believe that I like “bad boys” as you have expressed in your taunting of me…so you believe that if you are a big asshole, it will turn me on and then I’ll give you my attention. Ain’t gonna happen.
      I am not attracted to bad boys and I’m not attracted to men who don’t know what NO means. I am not attracted to anyone who would not let me imposer my own safe boundaries or those who would REFUSE to listen to my needs.
      Blame me for “taunting” you all you want, but the evidence speaks volumes. You’re just another little boy who can’t take no for an answer. So your solution is to further blame me for your actions.
      Hmmm….how about learning a little self control? If you really do share my birthday, can you pretty please hurry up and grow up or are you on pills where your frontal lobes have been permanently FRIED to the point where you are unable to act in a mature, respectful manner??? #allpillskill

  8. For all the mad OCD posts of mine, little do you know that “teddy bear” was very similar to the 1 in our dual birthday Celebration. I was gifted that on the day you were born. I don’t remember getting, it but I do remember seeing that photo of my very 1st Birthday when I was a toddler holding it. My mother might still have that photo. ITS A SIGNAL TO HER to show her I still remember what redeeming good generosity she had towards me. I am devestated with estrangement from my mother and PTSD and don’t know if she’ll survive much longer after her 71st Birthday this December 19th or if she hasn’t passed on already. You think all along I post here because I have an insatiable insane crush on you? NO, no, no little do you know its not all entirely about me obssessing about you but rather to really emphasize the psychic synchronicity of a lot of trauma that happened to me pre-natal and within a year after I was born. I clinged to that Teddy Bear on & off sporadically until I was at least 12 years old! I have a memory of being hit when I was a helpless infant while I was crying and left with a weird babysitter and I think that has a a lot to do with why I clang to that Teddy Bear. That’s the teddy Bear, that’s the Solar return signature / synchronicity you represent. That’s the kind of Astrological marvel synchronicity of all these posts for my relatives and family members I’ve never met nor seen, just in case I should pass on all of a sudden to know at least I had some heart, at least there’s someone and something real for that moment of time 15th September 1972. That’s the Solar Return Signature that you are symbolic of BELIEVE IT OR NOT! And I just made 2 last meme collages & doxxed some of the worst abusers of my past and now the stigma and TI status is at least as bad as anything you’ve claimed happened to you with all your life as a social pariah.

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