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April 15, 2017

We’ve all read fake news before, and maybe some of you have even written it or forwarded it on social media.  It’s everywhere nowadays including every channel on your TV and many websites that you visit on the Internet.  As an example, let’s consider an issue like vaccines. I don’t think vaccines should be forced on anyone because of evidence I have seen with my own eyes, including information on the cdc.gov which shows that the diseases vaccines were claimed to erradicated actually caused the outbreaks of the diseases they purported to prevent.  That is my belief, and I consider anything to the contrary to be fake news. Well, everyone who follows mainstream propaganda (FOX/CNN/MSNBC) most likely thinks that vaccines are beneficial and that everyone should get them and thanks to recent changes to social media platforms, people can now easily censor those that they disagree with by just clicking the “fake news” button. 

This censoring and ability to silence “disagreeable” content will eventually lead to the loss of our ability to think for ourselves ultimately leaving us with only government sponsored and approved media. I have had over a dozen YouTube accounts and at least ten websites either deleted or hijacked, and I’ve also been banned from Facebook numerous times. But when stalkers would raid my sites/channels with malicious slander and “fake news” which was purposefully designed to drive people away from me and my information, I didn’t censor them because I practice what I preach.  What kind of energy would I be putting out to the universe by going around trying to silence people because I don’t like what they say and why would someone think they should have the freedom to speak what they believe when they don’t allow it for someone else? Everyone should have the ability to research all sides of every issue whenever and however they choose, and it should be up to each individual what information to take in and apply to their reality. If your opponents are so wrong, then let them keep preaching and doing what they do because it’s going to expose them anyway, right?  So, instead of name calling and censoring and deleting just let them use their flawed logic and misleading information to kill themselves and other stupid people like them while you just keep spreading your truth.  

Some of you claim to be against big government, but you’re using the very arms of that government to banish what you find intolerable and if you think that’s acceptable, expect to be silenced yourself.

It’s been over 2 years since I made this video. I think it’s safe to say the fighting against each other to censor our neighbors isn’t working. Now the censorers are being censored! lol ooops….perhaps you should have cared when you were doing it to others.

Just saying!

Christie Aphrodite

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