Diabetes, Liver Problems And Genetic Diseases

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Someone wrote to me asking about diabetes, liver problems and genetic diseases – below are excerpts from my response, followed by detailed information on how to cure diabetes, but first a few links about diabetes that may interest you:

Juvenile Diabetes and Vaccination: New Evidence for a Connection

I recommend reading the entire article, but here are some powerful screen shots that everyone should see in regards to the connection between vaccines and diabetes.

Doctors Cause Diabetics To DIE by Ron Rosedale, MD

Red Hot Chili Peppers May Cure Type 1 Diabetes

First of all, I acknowledge that you are well-researched and knowledgeable, so please do not think I am writing this and thinking that I can change your situation overnight. I do believe, however, that I can offer some advice that may help.

I must disagree with what you wrote about more conventional types of diabetes being incurable. Actually, at least 95% of diabetes is curable, and it’s the Adult Onset type, which is the type you have. I am not saying I can promise anything, but take a look at this.

Diabetes doesn’t just “happen,” it is caused by excessive toxins or poor eating and a lack of nutrition, leading to toxins that keep the body from metabolizing sugar as needed. The medical profession doesn’t acknowledge this, just as they don’t acknowledge that Adult Onset Diabetes is 100% curable (according to Joseph Mercola, MD).

You’re allergic to cucumbers – that tells me you are very toxic.

As far as your genetic condition is concerned, I have a friend who is a quantum physicist who corrects genetic anomalies. Let me explain that a “genetic disease” is actually not so much a disease process the way we think of other diseases, but rather something somewhere in your ancestry CAUSED a genetic mutation, and that is now being passed down through your lineage.

In other words, an environmental factor – and these days there are many that do this – caused some type of change in someone’s chromosomes somewhere, and this quantum physicist has been able to help people correct that.

You may be interested in this video, featuring a scientist who explains that our thoughts, positive or negative, overcome our genetics when it comes to health – again, please do not think I am taking your challenges lightly in any way.

Now let’s talk more about Adult Onset Diabetes. I have seen dramatic cases turn around with the products that I will recommend to you, although to be honest, I haven’t seen any as dramatic as yours. However, it is a sign of toxicity, and I truly believe there are things you can do to help.

It is crucial for you to get good nutrition, which is no longer available in today’s foods for a variety of reasons – I’m talking about fruits and veggies not even having the nutrition we need today. This is a big problem, and that’s why we often need to take nutritional supplements.

The crashes you have with your sugar – I really think if you get a lot of those toxins out by consuming good nutrition, you will find your organs operating better than that. I understand you eat the sugary junk to come back from dangerously low levels, but I’m sure you know this is really harming your health, in addition to the fact that it will drop you to even lower levels afterwards.

You don’t want to keep doing that if you can get out of that cycle because the sugar will harden your arteries, in addition to other undesirable effects.

It makes total sense that a person with liver problems would become such a brittle diabetic – and that supports the theory that it is being caused by toxicity. Your liver isn’t filtering out toxins as needed, and therefore your need for good nutrition is even greater.

It is only with proper nutrition that the mitochondria at the cellular level can get rid of the poisons – or toxins – in our bodies.

Okay, now for your liver – you can try and regenerate it, and I highly recommend that. You see, every cell in your body is made mostly of what you are putting in your mouth, and the great news is that these cells are constantly replicating and dying off, meaning that if you give yourself good nutrition, the new healthy cells made of that nutrition will literally give you a healthy new liver (this goes for other organs as well).

You have probably surmised by this point that I’m going to be saying a lot of things that you won’t hear from your doctor…

Here are some products I recommend, in order of importance:

1. Modifilan – this will help with stem cell production, in addition to having excellent mineral content. I believe this is important for your pancreas and liver. If you’d like to know more about the active ingredient, read about it by doing a search for “fucoidan” at the National Library of Medicine. I’ve used it for 6 years to address diabetes, liver failure, cancer, AIDS – even blindness.

2-4. NuPlus and Quinary, if you can afford them. They are excellent nutrition that is based on cellular regeneration.

Also from Sunrider, you should try Sunny Dew as a sugar substitute – it stimulates the pancreas, causing it to heal, and does not elevate blood sugar levels. It helps your body to naturally balance sugar levels, and it is much sweeter than sugar as a bonus, so you don’t need to add much. You can bake with it or add it to drinks.

5. This one is free so it’s easy – If your kidneys are functioning properly, drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water each day (for those using kilos, multiply your weight by 2.2, then divide by 2 for the minimum number of ounces of water you need daily).

Check to see if your municipality adds fluoride to the water, and if they do, you’ll need to get your water from a better source. See, it’s possible that some of your problems are actually being aggravated by fluoride in the water, if they are adding it.

If you’re drinking processed drinks, and that means anything other than water, they’re most likely made with fluoridated water as well.

For more info and testimonials on The Water Cure, see this website.

6. Another free one – get enough sunshine. According to the world’s foremost leading expert on sunshine and vitamin D, this will help your diabetes. Try 15 minutes in the sun twice daily, with as much skin exposed as possible. Check this link to see the studies from pubmed.gov discussing the relationship between lack of vitamin D and diabetes.

Those are my most important suggestions. The essential fatty acids are also important to have – this isn’t kosher so if you keep kosher, I will offer a substitute recommendation if you need one:

7. Krill Oil – Essential fatty acids, great for brain function and very important to have.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend that you (and everyone) look into a physical and emotional healing tool called EFT – here is a short intro.

Now if you REALLY like it, try joining this site – the Carol Tuttle Healing Center – and you’ll have a partner to actually do the technique with you – this helps people get through the subconscious sabotage that comes when they try to learn EFT, and it’s also more powerful when you have someone else doing it with you.

Okay, that’s all from the letter I sent him. Now here is some additional reading on diabetes that may interest you from Dr. Joseph Mercola:

Simple Steps You Need To Reverse Diabetes

1. Ignore Your Conventional Physician. Unless you are seeing a specialist in natural medicine there is a virtual certainty that your physician cannot properly manage your disease. Please review Dr. Rosedale’s excellent article on this, Doctors Cause Diabetics to D.I.E., which reviews the inadequacy and ineptitude of the current traditional treatment of diabetes.

2. Ignore the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

The ADA is a major promoter of completely irrational statements about foundational health facts. Dr. Richard Kahn, the ADA’s chief scientific and medical officer, has even gone so far as to state for the public record in mid-2005 that:

“There is not a shred of evidence that sugar has anything to do with getting diabetes.” He also said, “I don’t think that there is any artificial sweetener on the market that has been shown to be unsafe.”

Please remember that the ADA also completely endorses artificial sweeteners like Splenda. You simply cannot trust or believe anything they say.

3. Monitor Your Fasting Insulin Level. This is every bit as important as your fasting blood sugar. You will want to lower it to between 2-4. The higher your level the worse your insulin receptor sensitivity is. The following two points are the key physical steps you need to achieve this reduction.

4. You MUST Exercise. Sorry folks, there are no excuses, not even if you lost your legs on an Iraq improvised explosive device. Exercise is an absolute essential factor and without it you won’t have a chance to get this devastating disease under control.

5. No Grains or Sugars. These types of carbs will raise your insulin levels. Notice I did not say no carbs. You can have plenty of carbs, carbs to your heart’s content, but they need to be above-ground vegetables (no potatoes or squash). Notice also that I did not say no processed grains, the grain exclusion also goes for whole organic grains, as even all that extra good fiber does not significantly alter the insulin and leptin response.

6. Eat Right For Your Metabolic Type. Even doing all of the above steps might not be enough unless you balance your protein, carb and fat ratios for your unique and specific genetic biochemistry.

7. Address Emotional Challenges.

Let’s face it, diabetes is a chronic disease. It is not an accident but a result of a series of choices you make in life that result in loss of sensitivity of your insulin receptors, which causes your blood sugar to rise. Nearly everyone has challenges that prevent them from successfully implementing the six steps above, so finding expert help is typically the key to winning here.

Consulting with an EFT professional is what I do for my patients at the Optimal Wellness Center, but that is only a tiny fraction of the people reading this. For those that don’t come to my center, Dr. Patricia Carrington has some guidelines on selecting an EFT therapist, followed by a list of EFT practitioners throughout the United States and world. Many of these therapists even offer a free 15-minute phone session in which you can ask them questions to see if you connect.

(To see “Simple Steps You Need To Reverse Diabetes” in its original location, click here and go to the middle of the page.)

I would also like to add that Christie Aphrodite was diagnosed with diabetes insipidous and was able to heal herself as well. She has some good advice in her radio shows and video blogs on the topic.

Whatever you choose to do, I applaud you for searching and with you all the best in your healing!

In Health,

Stephanie Davis

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