Armageddon – End Times Propaganda

photo credit Christie Aphrodite

This video was made in 2012. It has just been reuploaded with a few graphics added in for fun.

What prompted this video was, as a radio host, everyone in the world wanted to come to me with their version on how the world was going to end this time.

My show, Soul Journeys Radio was followed by Kerri Cassidy of Project Camelot and Sean David Morton who would have other alarmists on like David Wilcock crying for his life, Andrew Basiago, and others, with another reason the world was going to end next week…and they were all vetted by their top secret expert friends who were vetted by their other top secret friends…lol

What I couldn’t understand, with all their FAILED PREDICTIONS, why people would ever go back and listen to them again??? Alex Jones, no problem…the more fear, the more lies, the more failed doomsday scenarios…the more listeners they had and the more unnecessary purchases made to their saviors on the radio spouting the latest doomsday scenarios…

Meanwhile, I was being attacked for being cia because I was an “end of the world denier.” lol

Yeah, a lot has happened, fires, storms, earthquakes…yet we still are here. Mother Nature happens! HAARP happens, yet the world is not going to end!

What is the world anyway? Do you think that if you die the entire world goes with you???

So, come on…I’m trying to promote some common sense here. What are you going to do with all the stored food and seeds, guns and gold you bought from the fear mongers themselves if the world was really going to end? Would those seed automatically sprout? Would those guns and gold feed you??? The end is the end…not a reason to stockpile more crap from the same liars that have been lying to you for well over a decade now…

What do you think? Are you still following the same people that have lied to you over and over again???

Blessings, Love and Common Sense,

Christie Aphrodite

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