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I fell for the garbage allopathic medicine was pushing – the grandfatherly demeanor of Marcus Welby dangling the promise of the right magic pill or healing touch. As a dorky pre-teen, while other girls were reading “Secret Garden,” I was devouring William A. Nolan novels – “Making of a Doctor,” “Making of a Surgeon,” and “A Surgeon’s World,” which outlined the bootcamp brutality/brainwash mentality of the education required by
Western Medicine. I daydreamed about changing the system. I worshipped medical deities (MDs), longing one day to join the long-suffering heroes who dedicated themselves to alleviating pain and suffering. I bought it all – that the right chemical cocktail, surgical procedure, latest-greatest-new-improved scientific breakthrough would help me cure you. I was deceived by the mantra of safe-effective-saved-zillions of lives when it came to the unscientific and filthy practice of vaccination.

I worked in hospitals and clinics, and decided I was too empathic to become a physician. Instead, I concentrate on prevention (still the Western model of diet, exercise, and early detection). I ultimately landed in the periphery of medicine as a medical editor; a ringside seat to the circus; in the belly of the beast but separated by third person narratives. I took a job at a preventive health clinic, and what better way to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases than to take all that were freely offered as an employee?!? Oh. Mistake.

They only reason I even questioned the white-coated allopathological liars is that they had no answer for the vaccine-induced damage they caused me, and I started looking for “alternatives.” (It is curious that eons-old natural modalities are considered “alternative medicine.”) What a horribly rude awakening to discover everything I’ve ever learned about EVERYTHING to be wrong –- to have my paradigm ripped out from
under me, turned inside out, upside down, then blow away in the wind… That was 15 years ago.

Today, even given the multiple advances of medical sciences, more of us are afflicted with new, baffling, low-grade, and chronic illnesses. So many of us unquestioningly trust our healthcare providers with the responsibility of our physical wellbeing, a trust that is obviously misplaced. Misinformation abounds, propagated by the very entities from which we glean most of our information– the mainstream media, health organizations and our doctors. The very culture of allopathic medicine discourages us from taking
responsibility for own health and seeking natural God-given remedies, and ridicules those with alternatives to toxic medications, disfiguring surgeries and radioactive “cures.”

So here I am. With 30 years’ experience in conventional and alternative medicine. I still work in the belly of the beast (to keep a finger on the pulse of the medical mafia). I still want to PREVENT pain and suffering and do so by educating. I share my experience with dependence upon a system that iatrogenically damaged me and my recovery from that experience – so that you don’t have to.

I wish you all health and happiness – Savannah Lynn

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February 13, 2020 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold

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