MK Ultra and You

During a recent stop at my local coffee shop, I was overcome by “more than a feeling,” and no, I did not add one too many espresso shots to my latte. I was “feeling” annoyed over being subjected to one of those classic rock songs that we’ve all heard a gazillion times, in this instance, “More Than a Feeling,” by the rock band Boston. Even as a teen in the 70s, I was not fond of this group’s plastic, over-processed production style, but having it forcibly ear-wormed on me at this stage in life is akin to auditory waterboarding. In my exasperated state, I ranted to an employee who appeared to be around my age (mid-50s), “Can you believe that they are still subjecting us to this music”? Her initial reaction to my unsolicited query was one of dumbfounded bewilderment, followed with an exclamation of, “I hear that!” But the fact of the matter was that she didn’t hear anything until I pointed it out. As a defensive tactic against the aural onslaught, she had been utilizing her innate ability to hear without listening.

Later that day, I was scheduled to meet the shipping manager of a manufacturing plant, and immediately upon entering the establishment, my olfactory organ was assaulted with a plastic aroma more toxic than Boston’s entire discography. As I observed the workers going about their business, I was reminded of the coffee shop encounter, and I became convinced that these people were breathing without smelling since it’s the only conceivable way that they could endure such adverse working conditions. At this point, questions began to flood my brain:

  1. Are these coping mechanisms innate to humans, or have they been learned and adapted through experience?
  2. In what other ways are we masking unwanted and harmful intrusions upon our mind, body, and soul?
  3. Why are humans so inclined to believe and blindly accept “facts” handed down to them by so-called experts and professionals?
  4. Why do we continue to trust politicians, corporations, religious leaders, and medical professionals when they’ve betrayed our trust time and again?

We allow corrupt politicians to divide us from our neighbors, corporations to cheat and poison us, religion to mislead and disempower us, and the medical industry to either destroy our quality of life or hasten our ultimate demise.

A perfect example of how we aid in perpetuating our destruction presented itself to me while exiting the afore-mentioned manufacturing plant. Along the way, I was preceded by a worker, let’s call her Polythene Pam, who was headed for her lunch break. I know this because Pam had a bag of Ruffles in one hand, a plastic bottle of Diet Coke in the other, and an unlit cancer stick dangling between her lips. Pam would soon be chippin’, sippin’, and “Smokin’,” perhaps even popping pills to maintain her “Peace of Mind” and keep her “Feelin’ Satisfied.” Such tactics could work for a “Long Time,” but ultimately, her body will punch out and take its break, and then it will be too late for Pam. No doubt friends and family will tell her “Don’t Be Afraid”. “Be sure to follow doctor’s orders and take your medicine. And for God’s sake, Pam, whatever you do, “Don’t Look Back.”

This little article is a precursor to an upcoming investigation of the evils of Coke and Pepsi and I dedicate it to my best friend Tom Schoolz and lost love Amanda (I Love Yooz Two).

Part 1 here: MK-Ultra and You

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